During Princess Diana’s death, Prince Charles carried an ‘enormous burden,’ according to a royal expert.


During Princess Diana’s death, Prince Charles bore an ‘enormous burden,’ according to a royal expert.

Following Princess Diana’s tragic death, her ex-husband, Prince Charles, faced difficult decisions as a royal while grieving.

“I see [Charles] as grief-stricken by the end of Diana’s journey,” royal expert Matt Robins told Us Weekly exclusively while promoting CNN Original’s Diana six-part documentary series.

“I see him as someone who has been burdened by her death and funeral, someone who has to make impossible decisions.”

“You know, he’s been chastised for having [his sons Prince William and Prince Harry]walk alongside him [during the procession], but what do you do, and how many of us would make the perfect call every time, with the world’s eyes on us?” the film producer added.

Robins also stated that it was easy for him to empathize with his subjects while filming the CNN series, particularly the Prince of Wales, who is 73 years old.

“I think certainly in episode one, we’re going into quite a lot of detail actually about what it’s like to be Charles, you know, the pressure, the kind of weight on your shoulders of knowing you’re going to be king,” he said of the filmmaking process to Us.

“As a result, I think I have a lot of empathy for him, and I think [the royals]don’t want to do the job.”

… I feel like the pressure and toll on their mental health is a factor that perhaps none of us realized at the time, because we saw them as people who could do whatever they wanted, as privileged people.

They lived in a gilded cage of sorts.”

Watching the royals mourn the death of the People’s Princess, according to the Chameleon producer, helped to humanize their family.

“I believe it changes everything,” Robins said of how they handled her death.

“I think it’s been discussed a lot, but I’m more interested in the smaller ways it affects the family: I don’t believe it’s an overnight transition where they hire the best PR firm in the world and change their behavior.

They most likely are, in my opinion.

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In the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death, Prince Charles bore an “enormous burden,” according to a royal expert.

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Prince Charles Carried an ‘Enormous Burden’ Amid Princess Diana’s Death, Royal Expert Says

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