Eleven and Will Have Two New Enemies in California, according to ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4


Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’: Eleven and Will Have Two New Enemies in California

Stranger Things Season 4’s fourth teaser trailer gave fans a fresh look at what’s going on with the Byers family.

While many fans assumed the Byers had relocated to California, it wasn’t confirmed until Stranger Things Day in November.

6th, 2021

The cat is no longer in the bag.

It’s time to dig deeper into some of the details we noticed in the “Welcome to California” teaser, such as Jake and Angela, the two new bullies.

Things are going well for the Byers, according to Eleven, when we catch up with them in the “Welcome to California” trailer.

Audiences, on the other hand, get a different version than the one she’s telling Mike in her letter.

She begins by discussing how she has made several new friends and is beginning to adjust to life in California.

The girls in the hall, on the other hand, avoid her, and two students in her class throw a paper wad in her face.

Angela and Jake, the boy and girl in her class, are fictional characters.

They were not introduced alongside the other new characters earlier this year.

This is the first time viewers have seen the two California bullies, and it appears that neither of them is making life easy for Will and Eleven in Lenora Hills.

According to a former writer on ‘Stranger Things,’ the episode titles for Season 4 are “mostly wrong.”

Logan Allen was previously seen in another Netflix series, Sweet Magnolia, where he played Kyle, but it appears that the young actor is expanding his acting resume with Stranger Things Season 4.

This, however, will not be his first foray into the horror genre.

Allen appeared in a new episode of Shudder’s Creepshow.

Elodie Orkin has fewer acting credits on her IMDb page, but she did play Kyle in another series, according to her IMDb page.

The television series Stage Fright featured Orkin in six episodes.

THE ST4 IS ON THE WAY pic.twitter.comPVNWvXICBp

Fans are disappointed with the release date for Stranger Things Season 4 in the summer of 2022.

Fans of Stranger Things are accustomed to scouring the internet for any information they can get their hands on.

This is particularly true in regards to the upcoming season.

When it comes to potential spoilers, the Hawkins AV Club subreddit has been pretty reliable.

Furthermore, some users have been debating Angela’s role in Eleven’s bullying.

This is the case.

Welcome to California

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