Elton John ‘DID try to have kids with ex-wife Renate Blauel but they struggled to conceive together’


SIR Elton John did try to have children with his ex-wife despite saying he never wanted kids until he met David Furnish – bombshell court documents have claimed.

In the papers, seen by The Sun as part of a £3million legal claim against the singer, Renate Blauel, 67, claimed the couple did try and have a baby but struggled to conceive together.

Her claims contradict those made by Elton, 73, who said in his memoir, Me, published earlier this year, that he didn’t want children until he met his husband David.

In the 20 page file, Renate’s legal team laid out a number of claims made by Elton in both the biopic Rocketman, released in 2018, and his autobiography.

On the matter of children following their wedding in 1984, Renate’s legal team stated that the allegation they did not want children “seriously misrepresented the nature of their relationship.”

The passage added: “In fact, the Claimant [Blauel] and the Defendant did attempt to have children during their relationship but were unable to do so.

They went on to state how Renate had asked for Elton to remove the passage about children from his book but claimed he refused to do so.

In his biography, Elton stated to the contrary and said it was only when he wed David, 57, in 2005, that they decided to start a family.

The pair have two sons, born by a surrogate, called Elijah, and Zachary.

While Elton and Renate divorced four years after their wed, she claimed they agreed to keep their marriage and details about it private.

In the court documents Renate claims that Elton backtracked on this deal by including details of their relationship in the film and book which she said left her suffering from depression.

Renate’s legal team went on to claim that when her concerns were raised with Elton they were dismissed as “trivial” and that he acted in a way which was “dismissive and disingenuous”.

Elton’s legal team have filed papers dismissing Renate’s claims – with an allegation that her story has been trumped up in a bid to get more cash from his reported £390 million estate.

His barrister Colin West QC said Elton denied breaching the terms of the agreement and knowledge that Renate was susceptible to mental health issues.

In their defence filing, they also stated that Renate had previously not complained when Elton had spoken about their marriage.

Today The Sun revealed how Elton told pals he was shocked by Renate’s claims and insisted he thought they had an amicable relationship.

Many close to the case are asking why a woman so determined to guard her privacy has put so many personal details into publicly available paperwork.

One said: “It’s sort of at odds with what she says she’s seeking.”

Renate did change her name to distance herself from the marriage.

She has reversed this to take the legal action against Elton — though she says she will change it back after the case’s conclusion.

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