Emmerdale fans stunned by shock twist as Will Taylor ‘kills DI Malone’ by bashing him over the head with a spanner


EMMERDALE fans were gobsmacked tonight after Will Taylor “murdered” evil DI Malone by bashing him over the head with a spanner.

The harassed mechanic flew into a sudden rage when Malone (Mark Womack) branded his daughter a “two-quid whore” and planted drugs in his car.

The final scenes in the explosive episode saw the bent copper visit Will at his work and goad him over his decision to ditch his life of crime and marry Harriet Taylor.

But Malone, who has been enjoying secret romps with the local vicar, was determined to crush their happy ending and told Harriet that he had fallen in love with her.

Harriet was speechless earlier in the episode when dodgy Malone approached her and said: “Look, I tried to forget you but I can’t. And I won’t let you throw your life away on that loser.”

But Harriet made it clear her life is in the village with Will, leaving Malone conjuring up a plan to get Will out of the picture.

And fans who had been convinced Will would be the character set to die, after boss John Whiston accidentally revealed a beloved character will be murdered, have been proven wrong.

But as he argued outside the garage with Malone he was pushed over the edge.

Malone seethed as he branded Will moments before the attack: “I could take what I want from you just like that … what have you got to show for youself, eh?

“You’ve got a woman who put you in jail and a skank for a daughter … your precious little girl is nothing but a druggie, a two-quid whore! She’ll be craving a hit soon. She’s going to wind up dead anyway, might as well hurry it up.”

Seeing Will take the bait, Malone ranted: “What, what are you going to do? You haven’t got it in you!”

“You’ll never stop will you?” the mechanic said before smashing his head in with the spanner.

Viewers were amazed by the brutal scenes and some even branded it “too much” for pre-watershed telly.

One viewer said: “He had it coming!!!”

Another fan tweeted: “That was a spanner in the works”

And one more wrote: “OMG Will, Malone’s probably gona try & actually do him for attempted murder now (GBH at least).”


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