Eva Mendes, Beyonce, and Others Aren’t Cooks


Eva Mendes, Beyonce, and Others Can’t Cook

Cooking isn’t something that everyone enjoys.

While some celebrities, such as Cravings queen Chrissy Teigen and baker extraordinaire Blake Lively, are culinary masters, others consider not burning a meal beyond edible to be a major victory.

To put it another way, some celebrities simply lack the skills required to bake a cake or roast a chicken.

Consider Eva Mendes.

In February 2020, the Miami native proudly revealed on her Instagram account that her longtime partner, Ryan Gosling, is “an amazing chef AND baker,” but she also admitted that she lacks his skill set.

In fact, it’s the polar opposite.

She confessed, “I’m not sure what I do is cooking.”

“It’s more like steaming vegetables, making juice, and preparing rice.”

He’s a true chef.

“I’m okay.”

Katherine Schwarzenegger falls into this category as well.

While her husband, Chris Pratt, has been known to man the grill on occasion, the podcast host of “Dog That Changed Me” doesn’t exactly have the golden touch with kitchen appliances.

For example, in October 2019, she attempted to make a Bagel Bite but completely burned the snack.

Pratt captioned an Instagram photo of the charred treat with, “I honestly, simply cannot imagine what went wrong here.”

“It’s that easy.

Two minutes in the microwave

It’s possible she misread the sign and mistook it for two hours.”

Nonetheless, the Parks and Recreation alum praised his wife for her efforts.

He ended by saying, “I want to commend her for her effort.”

“Baby, this is a huge step.”

“I am very proud of you.”

In November 2021, Schwarzenegger told Us Weekly exclusively that she had made progress on snacks for Pratt’s son, Jack, whom the Jurassic World star shares with ex-wife Anna Faris.

“My stepson, Jack, gave me one of the best compliments this year,” she revealed.

“Since I burned his Bagel Bites, he said my cooking has greatly improved!”

While Beyoncé has a fantastic voice and killer dance moves, her mother, Tina Lawson, has been open about her older daughter’s culinary inexperience.

In February 2019, the matriarch told Us magazine, “Beyoncé can’t cook.”

Beyoncé, for one, has stated unequivocally that she is not a Julia Child in the kitchen.

“I don’t think so,” says the narrator.

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Eva Mendes, Beyonce, and Other Celebrities Who Can’t Cook

Celebrities Who Can’t Cook: Eva Mendes, Beyonce and More

Celebrities Who Can’t Cook: Eva Mendes, Beyonce and More

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