Ex-boyfriend of Daniella Álvarez remains at your side


In a photo posted on his account Instagram, the ex-boyfriend of former Miss Colombia, the actor -Lenard Vanderaa-, showed that continues to the side of it, after discovering that he would submit to the amputation of his left foot.

And is that Lenard and Daniella had ended their relationship more than a year ago; however, he now demonstrates his support and assistance in this difficult time for her.

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The emotional message with which Lenard accompanies the photo says:

Lenard Vanderaa -Ex-boyfriend -: ‘That happiness gives me power to be with you and to see that energy and light you radiate”

In addition he also expresses that she has taught him many things in life, and now he teaches that in the most difficult moments is when you stronger and more positive there is to be.

Many have been the comments on the photo of this actor, where he and Daniella are seen embracing each other in the hospital, smiling and say: “that is the true love, in good times and in bad”, Beautiful”, “It is a love that is Beautiful”, “Beautiful”.

The photo already has more than eight thousand “likes”.

See the photo:


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