Ex-NFL running back Zac Stacy, who was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, has received a major update.


Ex-NFL RB Zac Stacy, who allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend, has received a major update.

An arrest has been made following the release of a video purportedly showing former NFL running back Zac Stacy brutally assaulting his ex-girlfriend in front of their child.

Stacy was arrested on Thursday night, according to TMZ Sports, shortly after flying into Florida from Tennessee.

Stacy flew from Nashville to Orlando “with the intent of turning himself in,” according to police, and was apprehended by Orlando cops.

Stacy is charged with two felonies, according to Yahoo Sports: aggravated assault (great bodily harm) and criminal mischief (greater than or equal to (dollar)1,000.

The incident occurred on Saturday, and the arrest warrant was issued three days later, on Wednesday.

Stacy was seen punching and throwing the woman around the room while the child cried on video.

Before the cops arrived, Stacy had fled the scene.

Kristin Evans, the woman who was involved in the incident, recently spoke about it.

According to Fox News, Evans stated, “This was just the last straw.”

Evans posted the video of the attack from her home surveillance footage on social media, saying, “I truly believe that if this continues, he will kill me.”

When the arrest warrant was issued, Stacy was supposed to surrender.

Evans suspected that one of his friends was assisting him in his concealment.

“We were under the impression he was in Nashville.”

We don’t know if he’ll be back in the Orlando area today.

“I heard something along those lines,” Evans said.

Stacy, who was a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, was a standout performer for the

Stacy met Evans in 2019 while working as a Wellness Coordinator for the Memphis Express of the American Alliance of Football, another team for which Stacy played.

They began dating in August of that year, and after the birth of their son, Stacy became more physical with Evans.

“He believes that his actions are justified.

“No one can justify something like that,” Evans said.

Along with Evans’ arrest, the Music City Bowl announced that it would no longer work with Stacy, the YFP’s ambassador.

“The TransPerfect Music City Bowl has terminated the relationship with Zac Stacy effective immediately, based on the video and domestic violence report,” the statement reads.

From 2013 to 2015, Stacy was an NFL player.

In his final two seasons at Vanderbilt, he rushed for over 1,100 yards.

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Major Update on Ex-NFL RB Zac Stacy Who Allegedly Attacked His Ex-Girlfriend

Major Update on Ex-NFL RB Zac Stacy Who Allegedly Attacked His Ex-Girlfriend

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