Ex-WWE Superstars Are Called “WWE Guys” in AEW, Miro Fires Back


Miro Responds to AEW’s Labeling of Ex-WWE Stars as ‘WWE Guys’

Since the company’s inception in 2019, All Elite Wrestling has signed a number of former WWE superstars.

Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Ruby Soho, Paul Wight, Mark Henry, and Christian Cage are just a few of the artists who have signed with the company in the year 2021.

Some AEW critics have referred to Miro (formerly known as Rusev) as a “WWE Guy,” which Miro (formerly known as Rusev) does not approve of.

“Neither CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, myself, or Moxley are ‘WWE guys,'” Miro said on The Zaslow Show (ht Wrestling Inc.).

“These people have been around the world long before WWE, so anyone who claims this guy is WWE is completely wrong.”

Vince McMahon didn’t create me.

It used to be just a place to do professional wrestling because there were no other options, but now there are a plethora of other, more exciting options.

“We prove every day that AEW is the best wrestling company in the world,” he continued.

“As far as the young guys go, they have to step it up because yes, big names have come and they’re having amazing matches and making a big impact, but it’s up to the young guys to step up, to ask questions, to see what they can do better, and that’s what it’s all about,” says the coach.

Miro debuted in AEW in the summer of 2020, and despite a rocky start with Kip Sabian, the former United States Champion went on to become “God’s Favorite Champion” and “The Redeemer,” defeating Darby Allin for the TNT Championship in May and holding it for 140 days before losing it to current champion Sammy Guevara.

He was recently added to the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament as a replacement for Jon Moxley, and advanced to the finals before losing to Danielson at Full Gear on Saturday.

“First and foremost, if I had been in full health, I would have annihilated Bryan Danielson in about eight minutes,” Miro said.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t, and I had to be in labor for the duration of the match, but I made it through; otherwise, I would have won 100%.”

God, unfortunately, had a different opinion, so it is as it is.”

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Miro Fires Back at Ex-WWE Stars Being Labeled ‘WWE Guys’ in AEW

Miro Fires Back at Ex-WWE Stars Being Labeled ‘WWE Guys’ in AEW

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