Exclusive: they are a Couple! That’s why Christina air hiding in Luca Hänni in Switzerland!


They were crackled, the dream couple at Let’s Dance, it’s when both entered the dance floor. However, until today, Luca Hänni and Christina make air a big secret to your love, although both are now a Couple.

Photo: Celebrity Wood Exclusive

In the celebrity wood-Interview a friend of the two and now had insight into the secret relationship. “Luca and Christina can’t leave the fingers from each other. You can’t bear an hour without the other. Since the Finale of Let’s Dance were both separated for a day“, so a friend of the two.

A few days ago, Christina ago, travelled together with in the Switzerland (photos are celebrity wood) and since Christina is hiding in the house of Luca. But why both of them make their love public?

Also, the Insider has an answer. “Both want to enjoy the time. In the meantime, both have a lot of fun because Fans and media to speculate further“.

Photo: Private

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