Experts say Kate Middleton may be the ‘Most Powerful Person in the Royal Family’ right now.


Experts say Kate Middleton may be the ‘Most Powerful Person in the Royal Family’ right now.

It’s natural to assume that Queen Elizabeth II wields the most power in the royal family.

She is, after all, the reigning monarch.

Kate Middleton’s influence, however, should not be overlooked, according to a royal expert.

In fact, the expert believes that the Duchess of Cambridge is currently the “most powerful” royal.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused many people to reconsider their work habits.

Kate, on the other hand, has made the best of a bad situation.

She continued to carry out royal engagements, for example, when the United Kingdom was under lockdown.

Kate, like many others around the world, used Zoom to collaborate with charitable organizations and raise awareness for important causes.

Kate also collaborated with the National Portrait Gallery to publish Hold Still, a photo book.

The book, which will be released in May 2021, will include 100 photographs that depict life in the United Kingdom during the pandemic.

Kate’s recent work has increased her public appeal.

“I think some people might say that the lockdown that we’ve experienced here—well, three of them—in many ways was the unlocking of Kate,” author Katie Nicholl told 60 Minutes Australia.

I believe that the public saw more of the true duchess than they have ever seen before.”

Kate Middleton was 5 years old when she became the inspiration for her parents’ successful business.

Kate’s influence on the royal family should not be underestimated, according to journalist Camilla Tominey.

“She is arguably the most powerful person in the royal family because she is the wife of a future king and the mother of a future king,” Tominey said in a video for The Telegraph.

Many people compare Kate to Meghan Markle, who married Prince Harry in 2018 and left the royal family in 2020.

Given Kate’s role, Tominey does not believe there is any competition between them.

“You could say [Kate and Prince William] are ruling the royal roost when it comes to their generation,” Tominey said.

According to a royal commentator, Kate Middleton tried to assist Meghan Markle in adjusting to life in the United Kingdom.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, the next-in-line to the throne, are far more popular than Kate and William.

According to YouGov, Kate…

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