Fans believe Jake Gyllenhaal is trolling ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.


Fans believe Jake Gyllenhaal is trolling ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

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The 41-year-old actor, who briefly dated Taylor Swift in 2010, appeared to address Swift’s extended 10-minute “All Too Well” song and accompanying music video in his recent photo shoot for W Mag.

The Brokeback Mountain star wore a red button down and matching red heart-shaped sunglasses in his portrait, which Swifties noticed were eerily similar to the ones she wore in her “22” music video.

“22” was released as part of Swift’s Red album, which was rereleased as Red (Taylor’s Version) in November 2021 for those who don’t have a disturbingly encyclopedia-like knowledge of Swift’s body of work.

Gyllenhaal is said to be the subject of the album, particularly the song “All Too Well.”

Fans wasted no time pointing fingers after the drama surrounding the couple’s past romance was reignited in recent months following the release of Swift’s music video, which hinted that their breakup may have been caused by their age gap.

“Red (Jake’s Version),” one Twitter user joked, while another added, “Jake Gyllenhaal is really in his Red era, huh? What’s going on here?”

While it’s unclear what Gyllenhaal’s outfit choice was for, one thing is certain: Swifties are always on the lookout for an Easter egg.

Swift, for example, wore a little black dress on her appearance on The Late Show With Seth Meyers while doing press for Red.

Her David Koma gown was quickly compared to Princess Diana’s iconic revenge gown by fans.

The late Princess of Wales famously wore the mini the day after Prince Charles publicly admitted to being in love with another woman.

Scooter Braun, the 40-year-old music executive who purchased the rights to Swift’s first six albums in 2019, sparked a feud with Swift’s fan base, who claimed that her dress this time was designed to throw shade at him.


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Could It Be? Fans Are Convinced Jake Gyllenhaal Is Trolling Ex Taylor Swift

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