Fans of “The Pioneer Woman” are raving about Ree Drummond’s role in the film “Candy Coated Christmas.”


Fans of “The Pioneer Woman” are reacting to Ree Drummond’s role in the “Candy Coated Christmas” film.

Ree Drummond makes her acting debut in Candy Coated Christmas, a discovery(plus) film.

The Pioneer Woman star plays a real-life baker.

Fans are getting into the holiday spirit and have begun to watch Drummond on television, which has sparked a lot of discussion.

Drummond is a well-known face on Food Network, so it was a no-brainer to cast her in a holiday film.

“Nearly 60 million viewers watched Food Network between Halloween and New Year’s Day,” said Kathleen Finch, Chief Lifestyle Brands Officer at Discovery Inc., in a press release.

Molly McCook, Aaron O’Connell, Jae Suh Park, John McCook, Lee Garlington, and Landry Townsend star in Candy Coated Christmas.

When Molly arrives in Peppermint Hollow, the world’s Peppermint Capital, Drummond plays Bee, the owner of Bee’s Bakery, who befriends her.

On the discovery(plus) service, the film is now available to stream.

Ree Drummond of “The Pioneer Woman” invited two “fans” to Thanksgiving at Book Singing, and the reactions were hilarious.

Drummond’s acting career is now open to the public.

Following the release of Candy Coated Christmas, many fans took to Drummond’s Instagram account to express their opinions on her performance.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of people supporting the celebrity chef in his new venture.

“It was adorable, and you did an amazing job, Ree!” exclaimed a fan.

“Wait, I watched it! You were a natural! The real show stealer!” a fan added.

“I saw it on Discovery Plus this morning.”

“It was fantastic,” a user on Instagram said.

“It’s fantastic….

Another fan commented, “Just when you thought you’d hit it big, you HIT IT REAL BIG!!!! So proud of you!!!”

Another fan wrote, “Just watched Ree!!! Loved it, of course, I’m a sucker for a good family wins, love story!! You did great!! Please send brownie bites!!!”

“I just got back from seeing the film.

Another Instagram user said, “It was so cute! You were great!”

Fans of “The Pioneer Woman” have come up with some bizarre names for Ree Drummond’s egg-in-the-basket recipe.

The Pioneer Woman star is no stranger to the camera, but she’s never played herself.

Drummond plays a fictional character in Candy Coated Christmas and must stick to a script.

Back in August, the Food Network star talked about how she came up with the idea for…

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