Fans think Maureen got the best makeover in ‘Return to Amish.’


Fans think Maureen got the best makeover in ‘Return to Amish.’

Season 6 of TLC’s smash-hit Return to Amish returned with a new cast of characters and a brand-new storyline, similar to many of the previous seasons.

As a result, we follow Rosanna Byler and Maureen Miller as they throw off the inhibitions of their tight-knit Amish communities and venture out to find their place in the modern English city throughout the season.

You can barely recognize the girls by the end of the season.

They’ve grown a little bolder since episode 1, when they were shy, reserved individuals afraid of the ‘creepy moving stairs’ at the airport.

Finally, they abandon their plain Amish garb, let their hair down (literally), and don an entirely new English look, complete with short dress, makeup, and all.

Fans were quick to compare the more dramatic transformations, with the majority declaring that Maureen received the best makeover of all the women.

In the Return to Amish series, makeovers aren’t uncommon.

Cast members have to go through something akin to a rite of passage, saying their final goodbyes to their conservative Amish past and fully embracing the new world.

We’ve seen it with former members like Sabrina and even boys like ‘the Mennonite boy,’ Lowell, who cut their hair, changed their clothes (for the first time), and transformed into completely different people.

It’s always thrilling to see them emerge from their conservative cocoons as figurative butterflies, or, in this case, ‘dolled up English girls.’

This new season is no different.

Both Rosanna and Maureen get their English makeovers in episode 10 by ditching their hats and minimalist dresses.

Fans compared the two, debating who got the better makeover, as one might expect.

Simultaneously, some people expressed reservations about the situation.

Maureen enlisted the help of her grandmother Ada for the makeover this season.

She untangled her hair and had it straightened and curled for the first time.

She then got her makeup done (which the Amish community forbade) and changed into some new shoes.

Ada threw a reveal party to reveal her transformation.

To say the least, the before and after differences of both girls were enormous.

And the general consensus was that they appeared to be more appealing…

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