Fans want Abby Huntsman back as a co-host on ‘The View.’


Fans want Abby Huntsman back as a co-host on ‘The View.’

Abby Huntsman is one of The View’s former co-hosts.

The journalist has returned to the ABC talk show, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Huntsman’s return to the “Hot Topics” table was a pleasant surprise, given her role in the daytime show’s history.

Her return coincided with her claims that she worked in a toxic environment during her time on the show.

Some fans have expressed a desire for Huntsman to return to the show now that the conservative chair is still open.

Huntsman returned to The View as a guest co-host, and things were awkward right away.

The TV host entered the set and greeted all of the panelists, including Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, and Sunny Hostin, but she ignored Joy Behar.

Behar inquired as Huntsman took her seat why she had not greeted her.

Huntsman recalled that the comedian disliked hugs but still ran over to give her one, making for a funny moment on the show.

“It’s fun to be back, and I do miss so much of the show,” Huntsman said when asked if she had missed the show by Behar.

She continued, “I’ve opened up more about why I left and when it happened.”

“The problem with today’s media is that it is so binary.

As you know, I’m a complex individual.

My politics are nuanced, and so is the way I live.”

“My journey on the show wasn’t one extreme or the other,” Huntsman added.

“There were some difficult days, and there were some executives and people on staff at the time who made far too many of my days difficult.”

They’ve all disappeared.

You guys went through a lot of it with me.

“I believe they’ve all left,” Huntsman added.

On ‘The View,’ Debbie Matenopoulos claims Ana Navarro was ‘Hateful’ to her.

Not only have multiple guest co-hosts auditioned for the conservative chair, but former co-hosts like Huntsman have also been invited back.

Many fans expressed their desire for her to return to the show as a full-time co-host after she made an appearance.

“Abby is a conservative, and I am not, but I’d like to see her return because she expresses herself well without interrupting or raising her voice….

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