Former Princess Tessy of Luxembourg urges fans to ‘always stay kind’ in handwritten note 


Former Princess Tessy of Luxembourg has urged fans to ‘always stay kind’ and begged them to be considerate of other people’s feelings in a sweet handwritten note.

Tessy Antony-de Nassau, 34, who lost her royal title when she divorced Prince Louis, wrote the short letter to thank followers for their Christmas cards and ‘kind wishes’ for the upcoming year. 

In her note, which was shared on Instagram by @LoopyCrown3, the former member of the Luxembourg royal family wrote: ‘Don’t do and say things about others you don’t like others to say about you.’

Alongside the letter, Tessy included a picture laughing alongside her two sons Gabriel, 13, and Noah, 12, as they giggled while she appeared to tickle them.   

In Tessy’s note, which she dated in January 2020, she wrote: ‘Thank you so much for your kind wishes. Gabriel, Noah and I appreciate it very much. All the best and good health for 2020.’ 

She went on: ‘Don’t do and say things about others you don’t like others to say about you.’

And signing off the note with two small love hearts, she wrote: ‘Always stay kind.’  

Tessy and Prince Louis of Luxembourg, who met while serving in the army in 2004, announced in 2018 that they would be separating. Their divorce was finalised on April 4 last year, and Tessy was stripped of her royal title.

Born a commoner, Tessy joined the Luxembourg Army in 2002 at the age of 18, rising to the rank of corporal. Two years later, when she was one of a handful of female UN peacekeepers in Kosovo, she met Prince Louis, who was visiting the army.

His family only became aware of their love affair when Tessy fell pregnant and gave birth aged 19 – and unmarried – in September 2005, providing Grand Duke Henri with his first grandson.

It infuriated the royal family, and Prince Louis renounced any claim to the title of Grand Duke due to the constitutional crisis they had created by having a child out of wedlock.

When Tessy married Prince Louis in September 2006, six months after giving birth, in a modest country church wedding, the Grand Duke stripped her of any claim to his title.

The couple’s fairytale marriage broke down in 2016, and they were granted a decree nisi in February last year.

Tessy, who in 2017 was named Woman of the Decade by the Women Economic Forum for her work in women’s empowerment, now lives in London with Gabriel and her youngest son Prince Noah of Nassau, while Louis lives in Paris.

The philanthropist is the co-founder of social enterprise Professors Without Borders, which aims to improve access to higher education across the globe.

She also works as a consultant, public speaker and is a UN Association patron.


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