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To you can still “OK Boomer” remember? With the remark that in 2019 almost to the Swiss German word of the year was named, were Baby boomers (1946 to 1964 born gebasht) last year on a regular basis. Younger people in the Generation Y (1981 to 1994) and Generation Z (1994) meadows boomers with the words in the forums, under the ignorant Facebook Posts and even in the new Zealand Parliament in the barriers.

However, the Gen Z want to not more with the older Millennials in a pot thrown be has shown how this week on Tiktok and Twitter. In several Threads to make Gen-Zler certain Characteristics of Generation Y funny. A Twitter Post by user Al, to see the Screenshots of the taunts are, it was already over 300’000 times liked.

Millennials are, therefore, all Pizza and winetalk constantly about how great the Nineties goods and call the dogs “Doggo”. Hm, fair enough. They are also real #plant lover, loooove Avocado toasts and find out like Online Quizzes, which Harry Potter house that suits you.

Tiktok-Userin Mayalepa was tired of older people, Millennials and Generation Z always throw in a pot. “Personally, I don’t want to be with people associatedwho think Harry Potter movies are character traits.”

And the User writes Wholesam to his Clip, ironically: “stop to think about the Generation Y funny, they are really cool.” Then he disguised himself as a Millennial stereotype: Beanie hat, moustache and a lumberjack shirt. Ouch.

The Millennials back to the shoot in the comments on Tiktok and Twitter can the Gen Z by the way completely coldas the Post of Userin Abbygov shows: “I’m glad I’m not a Millennial. I’ll be the one to Tiktok-Dances in connection with what ever this is…”

Looks like the Millennials would have to sayings of the nasty for a while listen to. Twitter Userin Anyavolz delivers to the point: “Well, it would, perhaps, Millennials Cyber bullying not to invent it, if it bothers you that the Gene-Z perfected it now.”



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