From Louise Redknapp to Kelly Brook – these 1990s glam legends are still strutting their stuff 25 years on


LOUISE Redknapp provided an epic throwback to her lads’ mags days by posing in just a bra and bottoms at the age of 45.

Fans of the former Eternal singer lapped up the sexy shoot but the social media post did not go down well with everybody.

Some sneery and cruel detractors barked: “Put it away, love!”

They believed the sole reason Louise posted the picture was to achieve some “self validation”, suggesting she has deep “insecurities”. Rubbish.

Can’t a curvy woman and mother-of-two in her mid-forties pose in such a way because she’s still hot?

Clearly, her naysayers have forgotten just how popular Louise was back in the Nineties and Noughties.

And she’s hardly undergone a dramatic transformation since.

The pop star was the queen of the lads’ mags, having graced numerous covers during her career which has spanned nearly 30 years.

She was so popular with readers of FHM magazine that she was named in the 100 Sexiest Women poll every year of its existence from 1996 to 2017 — and was named Sexiest Woman Of The Decade in 2004.

After settling down with former footballer husband Jamie Redknapp and raising their sons Charley, 15, and Beau, 11, Louise put her career on hold.

It was her appearance on Strictly in 2016 which ignited her to return to the spotlight.

Some insiders believed this triggered the end of her 19-year marriage.

The singer says the BBC1 dance series gave her some much-needed confidence that she could compete with her younger chart rivals, admitting her self-esteem dipped when her “body was changing”.

Last year, she returned with music and sexy shoots, which went hand-in-hand during the first phase of her career.

So, with that in mind, surely Louise is a more inspiring role model to youngsters than many of the new generation of reality stars who flaunt their bodies on social media — usually with the aid of Photoshop, and with the sole purpose of flogging a tooth-whitening product.

I know which of the two examples is more “real”.

So I say good on Louise for continuing doing what she does best and racking up a new army of fans.

But perhaps the words of one of her long-term followers best sums up her provocative pose: “My teenage crush is now my mid-life crisis.”

Here, we look at other lads’ mag favourites and find out what they are doing now.

A member of pop group S Club 7, Rachel built up a legion of male fans by posing for lads’ mags.

When the band split in 2003, she went on to have a hit solo career.

She also appeared on Strictly in 2008, and is now a mum of two.

But it didn’t stop her winning FHM’s Sexiest Woman Of All Time in 2014.

The ultimate girl next door and serial calendar seller.

Model and presenter Kelly was the first British star to top FHM’s annual Sexiest Women list in 2005 – and made the top ten more times than any other entrant.

After trying her hand at movies, she is now a DJ on Heart FM.

She’s now a prime-time TV host, so it’s hard to believe Holly was once a lads’ mags regular.

She started modelling aged 14 and, by 17, was posing in underwear.

Holly appeared in everything from girls’ mag Mizz to upmarket lads’ publication Arena.

She was cover girl for FHM’s final issue in 2016.

She started her career in Nineties girl group Mis-Teeq.

When she began her solo singing career in 2006, Alesha was already an FHM regular and lads’ mag fave.

She went on to win Strictly in 2007 and became a show judge two years later, before joining the Britain’s Got Talent panel in 2012.

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