Gemma Chan, who plays Harry Styles in Marvel’s ‘Eternals,’ has shared some amusing behind-the-scenes photos of the cast.


Gemma Chan, star of Marvel’s ‘Eternals,’ shares amusing behind-the-scenes photos of the cast, including Harry Styles.

Gemma Chan, one of the film’s stars, shared a few behind-the-scenes photos on her social media in honor of Marvel’s Eternals’ arrival on Disney(plus).

And, based on the photos, it appears that the cast, including Harry Styles, had a great time putting together the Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Despite the fact that Eternals features nine other superheroes, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has described Sersi, played by Gemma Chan, as the film’s main character.

And it’s easy to see why she’s the leading lady after seeing the film.

Sersi makes it clear throughout Eternals that all she wants to do is help people.

She has been enthralled by the Deviants since she and the other Eternals arrived on Earth to protect its people from them.

And it is for this reason that Ajak chooses her to lead the Eternals after Ajak’s death.

Sersi’s ability to manipulate and transform matter through physical contact is her true strength, but her ability to empathize is her true strength.

While fighting the Deviants, Sersi and Ikaris fall in love.

They eventually part ways, though.

Sersi is currently dating Dane Whitman and working as a museum curator in London.

After reuniting, the Eternals discover that their true mission was to prepare Earth for the “Emergence,” which is the birth of a new Celestial that will wipe out all humans.

As a result, the Eternals, led by Sersi, agreed to put an end to it.

Ikaris, on the other hand, turns on her.

Sersi eventually persuades Ikaris not to stop them from stopping the “Emergence,” and the world is saved.

Ikaris flies into the sun, dying instantly as a result of his guilt.

Sersi, Phastos, and Kingo are dragged into space later by the Celestial Arishem.

He tells them that if their memories show that humans are worth saving, their lives and humanity will be spared.

Hopefully, Arishem will let them live so that Gemma Chan can reprise her role as Sersi after Eternals.

Gemma Chan shared photos from the set of the Eternals film on her Twitter page, most of which show the cast in costume having a good time.

One of the images, in particular, shows Chan and Harry Styles in their costumes, despite the fact that their characters never shared the screen in the film.

Pictures of Chan with her longtime friend Richard Madden, who played Ikaris in Eternals, and a shot of Sersi walking on rocks are also included in the post.

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