George Harrison’s son claimed that his father would enjoy Peter Jackson’s film “The Beatles: Get Back.”


George Harrison’s son claimed that his father would enjoy Peter Jackson’s film “The Beatles: Get Back.”

While we wait for Peter Jackson’s much-anticipated three-part documentary The Beatles: Get Back to premiere on Nov.

We can’t help but wonder what George Harrison would think about it at the age of 25.

George was painfully honest about his time as a Beatle, rarely hiding his feelings and hardly stopping himself from saying everything that came to mind.

He was proud of everything the band accomplished, but he felt suffocated most of the time, especially during the Let It Be sessions.

Putting cameras in the room to record a particularly painful moment pushed Goerge over the edge, and he eventually quit.

It’s easy to see why he despised Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s Let It Be.

Despite his father’s dislike for Hogg’s film, George’s son Dhani believes that his father would have enjoyed Jackson’s documentary.

George revealed his dislike for Let It Be in a rare 1987 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

It brought up painful memories for me.

The Beatles were only supposed to be rehearsing when the film was made, but it captured something else.

Something dreadful.

More than anything else, the film irritated George.

It was dubbed Let It Rot by George.

He explained, “That, you know, I didn’t like.”

“There are some good scenes in it–on the roof, for example–and there are some bits and pieces that are OK, but the majority of it irritates me to the point where I can’t watch it.”

Because we were having a particularly bad experience at the time, and it’s bad enough when it happens to you, let alone having it filmed and recorded so you can watch it for the rest of your life.

It does not appeal to me.”

“They were filming us having a row,” George explained in the Anthology documentary (according to the Beatles Bible).

‘What’s the point of this? I’m quite capable of being relatively happy on my own, and I’m not able to be happy in this situation,’ I thought.

‘I’m leaving.’

‘He Said Everything That Crossed His Mind,’ Tom Petty said of George Harrison.

Dhani Harrison is a big fan of Michael Jackson’s documentary.

In the early stages of the documentary, the director invited him to watch his father’s scenes.

Dhani was unable to provide Jackson with even a single note.

“It was all just beautiful,” Dhani said to Esquire.

He was an exceptionally…

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