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Uncomfortable time. On the night of Friday, June 19, the drivers of the Telethon digital “For a Peru without hunger”, Gisela Valcárcel and Cristian Riverohad an exchange of words, and they remembered events from the past when they worked together in ‘The big show‘.

It all started when the popular ‘Señito’ he began to remember the public about how to donate through the enabled platforms for banking institutions. At that time, Rivero tried to support it with the information, but she ignored him and continued.

“If I take away the text, I am not surprised”: Awkward moment between Gisela Valcárcel and Christian Rivero

Realizing that I was leaving to a side to Cristian Riveroasked the number for people to donate to those most affected by the new coronavirus, COVID-19, but he said no. Valcárcel he replied that he thought that he was removing the text. That’s where everything starts.

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Look at the full dialog

Gisela Valcárcel: I thought you were removing the text

Cristian Rivero: Please, and if I take it off, it doesn’t surprise me either. Dale nomás.

GV: Just want to say, I’ve changed

CR: Ja,ja,ja. That’s not what I think. What is important is that you tell people how to donate.

GV: This is wrong, the teasing public. Cris, I have changed in this quarantine. Already, I do not interrupt. I’ve stayed quiet. Donates from the application of your bank with Plin. The number 984200200, no fees and instantly. This for clients BBVA, Interbank, Scotiabank, and BanBif. Later, Cris.

CR: I remember when we worked together. Has taught Me one thing pretty well. I I approached, it was time for me to leave in chambers. She stop, I put the side of her and said: mr. director, follow me, and left me alone, without a camera.

GV: The other day I saw an entry of yours and mine memorable.

CR: Some time we will meet to work.

GV: Hopefully, because you’ve gone, you charge everything and you’ve left me.

CR: Remember that the one who has the producer it is you, not me.

GV: But who is going to do a postgraduate degree, master’s degree, you are.

GV: Follow preparing.


For donations, the public will be able to enter in the Website Telethon: with all Visa and Mastercard credit cards from Peru and abroad. The clients of Scotiabank – Interbank – BBVA – BanBbif, will be able to donate through PLIN the number 984 200 200. Use the digital channels BCP – Mobile Banking – Internet Banking and Yape. Also, the boxes collecting of Plaza Vea and Vivanda. Web page of Promart

Follow from here the live transmission


Camilo and his message for the Telethon

Camilo and his message for the Telethon



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