Glynn Turman Thinks Kids Should Watch ABC’s Emmett Till TV Series (Exclusive) “Women of the Movement”


Glynn Turman Thinks Kids Should Watch ABC’s Emmett Till TV Series (Exclusive) “Women of the Movement”

Glynn Turman’s Women of the Movement debuted on ABC in January.

6, 2022, tells the true story of Emmett Till (Cedric Joe) through the eyes of his mother, Mamie Till-Mobley (Adrienne Warren).

The 14-year-old Black boy’s death in 1955 was gruesome, but the ABC historical drama only shows a small portion of his mutilated body.

Turman, who plays Emmett Till’s great uncle Mose, believes that the Jay-Z and Will Smith-produced series should be shown to America’s children so that “we don’t repeat history.”

Mamie Till-Mobley lets her only son travel to Mississippi to spend time with family in Women of the Movement episodes 1 and 2, only to receive a phone call informing her that he has been kidnapped by white men.

Emmett innocently flirted with a white woman at a local country store while in Money, Mississippi.

Roy Bryant (Carter Jenkins) and J W Milam (Chris Coy) abducted, mutilated, and murdered Emmett as a result of Carolyn Bryant’s (Julia McDermott) interaction.

Carolyn Bryant, a member of the ‘Women of the Movement,’ told one journalist the truth; ‘They’re all dead now anyway,’ she said.

Mamie battles to bring her son’s body back to Chicago in Women of the Movement Episode 3.

Mamie refuses to open the casket despite the funeral director’s advice.

Women of the Movement, which airs on ABC, shows deep gashes in Emmett’s skin and a glimpse of his face.

Mamie tells the reporters that they must photograph him, and she demands an open casket with a public viewing.

The funeral becomes national news, attracting reporters from all over the country to cover the trial in the Jim Crow South.

In 1955, a jury comprised entirely of white men found the two men not guilty.

In September of this year,

Roy Bryant passed away on January 1, 1994, and J W Milam passed away on December 1, 1994.

31st, 1980

Although they confessed in an interview after the trial, neither man received any prison time for the murder or abduction of Emmett.

Glynn Turman, a cast member of Women of the Movement, spoke with in an exclusive interview about what he hopes America takes away from the show.

“It’s critical that we don’t repeat history,” Turman said.

“You know, these are scary times right now in this country, and we’re really at a crossroads as to whether we’re going to move forward and live up to what we set up our…

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