Goodbye US! Is Taylor Swift Marrying Joe Alwyn, Moving to UK?


One look at their Instagram Stories, and you will see that Taylor Swift and her British boyfriend Joe Alwyn are getting pretty serious.

The couple is currently spending lockdown with each other, together with Taylor’s cats, in London.

Because of this, several tabloids start to speculate that the “Lover” hitmaker could be considering moving in with her boyfriend of four years in the UK while bringing back old rumors that Taylor purchased a house in the UK so she can live there permanently.

In August 2019, according to Page Six, Taylor Swift pursued an expensive $30 million home in London.

The report further claimed that the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer had a few checklists when it comes to finding her new UK home, including two kitchens, so the couple can “live in privacy and entertain properly.”

Three years ago, there were also rumors that she was ready to drop a whole lot of money for a London Residence, shortly after her relationship with Joe Alwyn became public.

It was reported that she was eyeing a $22 million home in Chelsea, London, as well as renting a place in North London, where Joe is from.

However, these seemed to not happened.

Early this year, OK! Magazine also claimed that Taylor only wanted to spend time with her British celebrity friends, “leaving her American friends behind” and press the “reset button.”

According to their unnamed source, “She’s been living a pretty sheltered life for the past few years but has zero regrets about cutting certain people out of her posse.”

The source further claimed that “She’s looking for lifelong friends that she wants people that will have each other’s backs through thick and thin.”

But Why Would Taylor Swift Want to Move to London?

In December 2019, Taylor Swift spent most of her downtime overseas with her British beau. They even celebrated Thanksgiving together.

But a source told E! News that the Taylor and Joe wanted the simplicity of life in London.

“She doesn’t go out much other than take a walk with Joe or go to the local pub. They spend a lot of time with Joe’s family and friends.”

The source further claims that the musician is close to Joe’s parents and brothers and enjoys seeing them often.

“Nothing exciting or big is happening. They like the life in London and visiting with family and friends.”

Taylor Swift Moving to London Permanently?

According to Gossip Cop, the articles by the tabloid magazines were all untrue. Their source claim that the story was “laughable.”

It’s also untrue that the “Last Kiss” singer was also scouting for homes in the UK.

Though she likes to visit there or spend long periods, there are no reports that suggests Taylor Swift will be moving to the UK permanently.

It’s also untrue that Taylor was ditching her friends in the US. Though she has indeed had a falling out with some of her A-list friends, Taylor said that it’s because “when you grow, you outgrow relationships.”

The “Me!” singer was not looking to build a new British girl squad.

Taylor Swift Ready to Marry Joe Alwyn?

In another April 2020 Heat article, it was reported that the singer is planning a “low-key wedding” to Joe Alwyn.

A tipster told the tabloid, “Taylor has decided that she wants a small pub wedding with Joe and just a handful of their friends and family.”

“While part of her has always wanted a big-fairytale wedding near her home in Rhode Island, her relationship with Joe has completely changed her views on love.”

However, while she does indeed spend a lot of time in London, this story is reportedly fabricated, according to Gossip Cop.

As of writing, there’s no confirmation or news that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are even engaged.


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