Gordon Ramsay cooks a TARANTULA and says it tastes like ‘crab meat’ in new episode of his travel show Uncharted


GORDON Ramsay has cooked and eaten a bird-eating TARANTULA on his new show.

The TV chef toasted the huge spider over a fire while in the South American rain forest – and discovered it tasted like crab meat.

The potty-mouthed star was filming for his new show Uncharted which sees him in Guyana learning about the very different survival snacks they have there.

With the help of native expert Rovin Alvin, the pair dig out a scary-looking tarantula as an “emergency snack”.

Gordon seemed anxious about tasting the spider – which can grow to the size of a dinner plate – but was mildly impressed with the taste.

He explained: “Wow, I never thought I’d say that, but it’s actually quite tasty. This bit here is really sweet, really sweet.

“I snack all day, but I’ve never quite snacked at a hole in a tree with a giant tarantula but you pull off that first little leg…

“Man, it’s this firm, sweet, almost crab-meat and chicken wing meat texture and really tasty.

“Just forget the word ‘tarantula,’ close your eyes, and think f***ing chicken wing.”

The series follows the father-of-five as he “journeys to some of the most incredible and remote locations on Earth in search of culinary inspiration, epic adventures, and cultural experiences he will never forget”.

It has proven controversial though as in the first season he upset viewers who slammed him for being “thoughtless and cruel, and profiting from the misery, suffering and murder of innocent animals” after he shot dead and ate a goat while filming in New Zealand, amongst other animals.

Ramsay has spent lockdown in Cornwall and angered residents although he claims he “has done nothing wrong” by leaving London and isolating with his family in the £4 million holiday home.

The 53-year-old chef angered locals by shacking up in the county after the government announced strict rules to stem the spread of coronavirus – with one threatening to report him to the local police force.

He was called “disgusting” and accused of “flouting government rules” by one local.

They raged: “Don’t you realise that by doing that you’ve possibly brought the virus with you and because Cornwall is not your main residence, if you and your family get sick you will place yet more strain on an already fragile infrastructure.”


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