Graham Norton thought he’d die after being stabbed in the head in violent mugging


GRAHAM Norton “thought he was going to die” after being stabbed in the head during a violent mugging.

The TV funnyman lost “half his blood volume” and was convinced his time was up following the brutal 1989 attack.

The shocking details of Graham’s brush with death came to light today during a segment on ITV’s This Morning.

Graham recently opened up about it to author and former junior doctor Adam Kay for a new book, which thanks the NHS.

Talking about the book on the morning show, Adam revealed: “He got stabbed. Not a bit stabbed. He got really stabbed.

“Lost half his blood volume and almost lost his life.”

Adam, who has interviewed a host of celebrities about times they have needed the NHS for the book, said Graham was just a drama student and had recently moved to London from Ireland.

Adam said: “There’s this chilling section where he asks this nurse, ‘Am I going to die?’ And the long pause that the nurse gave before her response made his flesh hug his bones.

“But of course, as they do for so many of us, the NHS saved his life.”

Adam added: “He describes the NHS as the safety net waiting there to catch us when we fall.”

The former medic’s book is called Dear NHS: 100 Stories To Say Thank You.

Among the huge collection of stars who have contributed are Ed Sheeran, Dame Julie Walters and Emma Watson.

Adam said Graham wrote about his memory of the attack and his subsequent time in hospital.

In 2010, Graham briefly touched upon the horrific incident in a feature for The Telegraph.

He explained that a “group of boys” had set upon him.

Graham wrote: “To add insult to injury, not only did I lose half my blood but I lost my boyfriend too: he dumped me the next day, which wasn’t the most tactful piece of timing.”


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