Hawkeye, according to Jeremy Renner, is the MCU’s “father.”


Hawkeye, according to Jeremy Renner, is the MCU’s “father.”

Kevin Feige, take a step back; you’re no longer the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s father.

Marvel Studios held a red carpet premiere for Hawkeye on Wednesday evening, showcasing the first two episodes of the upcoming Disney(plus) series.

On the red carpet, Jeremy Renner joked that Clint Barton might be the real father of Hollywood’s most successful franchise.

“If you look at all of Clint’s relationships, it’s either with Wanda and convincing her to put on her boots and go be an Avenger, or it’s with Natasha all the way through this,” Renner told Variety.

“Now it’s the same thing with Hailee [Steinfeld].”

Perhaps he’s simply the MCU’s father.

Perhaps that is his superpower.”

“Maybe he’s just sort of the MCU dad,” Jeremy Renner says of how (hashtag)Hawkeye has helped motivate Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, and Kate Bishop over the years.

That could be his superpower.” https:t.coPosK7Dagufpic.twitter.comBFH7eix3AE

He continued, “I think really cementing what Clint Barton’s superpowers are…obviously, he’s not the flashiest of all the Avengers.”

“But here’s the best part: he’s got heart, family, and tenacity.”

“The greatest skillset will not get you very far.”

Hawkeye writer Jonathan Igla confirmed that the series would include additional callbacks to previous Marvel moments, similar to how Renner did with his character’s past.

“It was a constant balancing act,” Igla said in an interview with Variety.

“It became a case-by-case situation.”

That guided it over the line if something was good enough and worth calling back, and felt like it would resonate with the show, rather than just something I would enjoy as a fan to call back and revisit.”

“We want to make the show accessible to new fans while also rewarding longtime viewers.”

It’s a delicate balancing act, especially as the universe expands,” he added.

These are wise statements that emphasize Marvel Studios’ commitment to meticulously scripting every step of the film universe.

Other franchises have hit stumbling blocks by attempting to create a cinematic universe before focusing on individual stories.

Hawkeye, hopefully, will place the callbacks at just the right times during its run.

On November 24th, Disney(plus) will air a two-part premiere of Hawkeye.

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Jeremy Renner Calls Hawkeye the Dad of the MCU

Jeremy Renner Calls Hawkeye the Dad of the MCU

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