Hawkeye’s epic opening scene syncs up with the Avengers’ Battle of New York in a fan video.


Hawkeye’s epic opening scene is synced with the Avengers’ Battle of New York in a fan video.

Hawkeye’s first episode opened with a flashback to Marvel’s The Avengers’ climactic Battle of New York.

In the Avengers’ battle against the alien Chitauri army, a young Kate Bishop’s New York City home was damaged.

A single arrow took out a group of Chitauri hovercraft just as they appeared to be about to attack.

Kate stood there watching Hawkeye fight the Chitauri and make a high-risk escape from atop a tall building.

The scene was taken straight from 2012’s The Avengers, and one ingenious Hawkeye fan synced the two scenes to fill in the gaps.

@cineping captioned his video with the phrase “the parallels.”

Hawkeye recognizes the Chitauri swarming in from above in “The Avengers (2012) Hawkeye(2021)” The Avengers segment of the 27-second clip begins with Hawkeye recognizing the Chitauri swarming in from above.

When the dust settles, Kate can see him punch and kick the aliens off the building, giving him just enough time to leap away from a nearby explosion.

Hawkeye’s slow-motion fall is juxtaposed with Kate’s awe as he shoots a grappling hook to the building’s side, swinging into a glass window for safety.


A callback to the Avengers’ formation was the perfect way to kick off Hawkeye’s Disney(plus) run.

Kate Bishop grew up as a Clint Barton fan, as evidenced by marketing and trailers, so it’s no surprise that her fandom began at this pivotal moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Anyone would be inspired at that moment if they saw one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ two non-powered members hold his own against an invading alien army.

Kate Bishop, as revealed in the opening credits of Hawkeye, set out to become a world-class athlete, learning how to use a bow and arrow, as well as other fighting weapons and self-defense techniques.

She probably didn’t expect to meet her hero, but a chance encounter landed her in Hawkeye’s old Ronin armor.

“Everything was brand new off the showroom floor,” director Rhys Thomas said of recreating the scene from Marvel’s The Avengers.

“However, we had to shoot the other as well…

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Hawkeye Fan Video Syncs Up Epic Opening Scene With Avengers Battle of New York

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