Hays Travel is offering Brits full refunds on certain holidays this summer if they change their mind about going


BRITS who are unsure whether to go on holiday this summer are being offered the chance to cancel their trip up to six weeks before they go with one travel agent. 

Hays Travel has launched its “Peace of mind guarantee” on package breaks. 

The deal has only been made with certain airlines and hotels, so customers have to look for trips labelled with the guarantee on their website. 

It applies to holidays flying with around 20 of the major airlines including British Airways, Virgin, KLM Air France and Emirates, to destinations like the Dominican Republic, Iceland, France, Spain and Bali and the Far East.

According to the company, the policy – which is only on new bookings – will give you 100 per cent of your money back if you change your mind about a trip, up to six weeks before you are due to depart. 

Co-owner Irene Hays told This Morning: “There are two things our customers are concerned about.

“First one is the health and safety and the second is the financial security so what we decided to do was introduce a peace of mind guarantee on selected holidays.

“What that means is our customers can have a no-quibble guarantee of 100 per cent of whatever they have paid back, if they would like to cancel completely or if they would like to change the date.

“As long as they let us know six weeks before they are due to travel.”

Her husband and co-owner John Hays added: “We’re fairly sizeable and we negotiated with selected airlines, quite a lot of the big airlines, to work with us to offer this guarantee.”

Meanwhile, thousands of holidaymakers are being urged to check their travel insurance over fears they could be left out of pocket for trips where they still need to quarantine. 

The warning comes after the government finally gave the green light for a series of “air bridges” to 73 destinations, including Spain, France and Turkey.

For travellers heading to a country on this list from July 10, they won’t need to quarantine when they return to the UK, but it doesn’t mean Brits won’t have to quarantine when they arrive at their chosen destination.

Travellers are now being urged to check the terms and conditions of their travel insurance to see what it means for their trip, with fears growing that thousands of people may not be able to claim any money back.

Most travel insurers are unlikely to offer a refund if your holiday hasn’t officially been cancelled by an airline or booking provider.


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