‘He Said Everything That Crossed His Mind,’ Tom Petty said of George Harrison.


George Harrison, according to Tom Petty, was painfully honest: ‘He Said Everything That Crossed His Mind.’

Regardless of the circumstances, George Harrison made his feelings known.

It was difficult for him to live in the material world.

He was always on the lookout for a higher plane of existence where he could be closer to God.

He had a million ideas a minute, and he wanted to accomplish so much.

He didn’t have time to beat around the bush, which is why he was frequently direct.

He had such close relationships with those in his life, however, that they couldn’t blame him for speaking his mind.

They found it endearing and even learned something from it.

Tom Petty never understood how George Harrison could be referred to as the “quiet Beatle” in an interview with Rolling Stone after George’s death in 2001.

The nickname, according to Petty, came about because the rest of The Beatles were louder than George.

Petty explains, “George had a lot to say.”

“Woah, he had a lot to say.”

That he was known as “the quiet one” is hysterical to me.

I’m guessing he got that moniker because the others were a lot louder.

“Me and Olivia had Paul and Linda over the other night, and you would have thought there were a hundred people in the house, it was so loud,” he said.

Petty said George knew how to fill a room in his speech inducting him into the Rock andamp; Roll Hall of Fame.

He was an “upbeat person” with a “witty sense of humour” and a positive attitude.

George was never “preachy,” but he did “lead by example,” and he never stopped talking because he had so much to say in such a short amount of time.

George Harrison was inspired to write this “White Album” track by Bob Dylan and God.

According to Petty, George never stopped talking because he had to cram a lot of living into a small space.

Because the ex-Beatle disliked wasting time, he was forthright and honest in his statements.

He couldn’t afford to waste any time.

“I’ll tell you what, no one I’ve ever met ever lived his life more every day than George,” Petty continued.

“He crammed a lot of living into a short period of time and didn’t waste any.”

And then he had a brilliant idea….

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