Heather Dubrow Shares Noella Bergener Receipts – Tamra Judge Adds, ‘Don’t Worry They Don’t Last Long!’


Heather Dubrow Shares Noella Bergener Receipts – Tamra Judge Adds, ‘Don’t Worry, They Don’t Last Long!’

Noella Bergener’s shade hasn’t gone unnoticed by Heather Dubrow.

After Bergener called Dubrow a narcissist on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Dubrow is sharing receipts and has Tamra Judge on her side.

Bergener went to Dubrow’s house to clear the air, but her comments about how Dubrow accessorized her podcast studio muddied the waters further.

“I’d had my suspicions, but this is pretty solid proof.”

During the most recent RHOC episode, she confessed, “This is a shrine to a complete and really, really good narcissist.”

“Wow, this is comprehensive.

I’d be impressed if I wasn’t so terrified.”

Dubrow posted a photo of her text conversation with Bergener to Instagram.

Dubrow told Bergener that she was thinking of her and that she was sorry for her situation.

“Thank you so much,” Bergener responded.

You’ve been extremely generous.

Dubrow then wrote that she was glad Bergener was free the next day (for her daughter Max’s book signing party), and that she hoped Bergener’s life would improve.

The text exchange was captioned by her.

“When you thank her for coming to your house to clear the air and move forward because you’re working all weekend, she comes over and acts as if she doesn’t know and trashes your business and your character.”

At the reunion, you’ll get all of this and more!”

Dubrow went on to say that she planned to talk about the exchange on her podcast as well.

On the Instagram thread, Judge chimed in, saying she didn’t think Bergener had a future on the show.

“NOT COOL AT ALL! I’ve worked with housewives like that before and it sucks! But don’t worry, they don’t last long,” she wrote, accompanied by a laughingcrying emoji.

“I’d like to know who you’ve’slammed.'”

She added, “Good for Heather!” to the TV Deet’s Instagram post, “Cuz that’s so your style!”

Heather Dubrow (@heatherdubrow) shared a link to this article.

Meanwhile, Emily Simpson has snatched up the popcorn and has arrived.

“I can’t,” she wrote.

Wait a minute.


The is.

Gina Kirschenheiter embellished the post with a couple of red hearts.

Dubrow talked about her most frustrating interaction with Bergener on her podcast.

“I invited her over, and she sneers at Terry…”

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