Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield told off by This Morning boss for being ‘too close’ on the new sofa


HOLLY Willoughby and Phillip Schofield got a telling off by their This Morning boss today for being “too close” after they welcomed guests back into the studio.

The presenters got a new sofa to make room for other people to join them for the first time since lockdown.

“We just had to move for the first time,” admitted Holly, as she welcomed back Doctor Philippa Kaye.

Phil said: “We’ve changed the layout of the sofas.”

Holly explained: “We’ve got an extra bit so we’re still distanced here, but we’ve got an extra long sofa.”

The Phil admitted there was chaos behind the scenes in the break as they were yelled at by their boss.

“We sat down and the director was saying ‘you’re too close, you’re too close, too close, too close, move right’,” Phil said.

Looking on the bright side, Holly told him: “It’s nice we’re getting closer. We’re on the same side now, we’re getting closer.”

Phil sighed: “Bit by bit by bit.”

Meanwhile Alison Hammond was back in the studio for the first time today and kept Holly and Phil distant with a two-metre long hat.

The 45-year-old said she couldn’t wait to hug the pair – but for now was making sure she kept socially distanced at all times.


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