Hotels in Turkey are offering to reimburse your stay if you catch coronavirus while there


HOTELS in Turkey are offering to pay for your stay if you catch coronavirus while on holiday.

It is one of the latest measures being introduced ahead of the return of tourists with Brits able to visit by July 10.

Turkey has been included as one of the UK’s air bridge countries, meaning Brits won’t need to quarantine when returning home – the Foreign Office has also lifted the travel ban.

Last month, Turkish Airlines relaunched its flights between Turkey and the UK with three routes a week from London Gatwick to Antalya.

The new coronavirus scheme, being backed by the government, will allow tourists to buy cover while staying at a range of hotels.

The Covid-19 Tourist Protection Health Insurance will start from £13 for a week-long stay, and will allow anyone who tests positive for coronavirus to stay out the rest of the trip without being charged.

Anyone entering the country will first face thermal scanners and temperature checks at the airport, as well as coronavirus tests.

Results take up to two hours, and anyone testing positive will be taken to the hospital or their hotel to remain in self-isolation.

According to the Telegraph, the scheme means that even if the quarantine period extends past your booked holiday, you won’t be charged for the additional days.

However, tourists can expect a very different holiday to Turkey this year

Both nationals and tourists will face a 900 lira (£104) fine if they don’t wear a face covering in public.

Beaches in Turkey have also announced their new plans for allowing tourists to visit again this year.

Smoking bans, sunbathing zones and restricted entry are just some of the things you can expect on your next holiday.

A hotel beach bar in Bodrum has been found charging 369 lira (£43) for a doner kebab and 550 lira (£65) to guests who want to swim in the sea.

However, the mayor has defended the prices, saying he “doesn’t care” if people want to pay high prices for food.

He said: “They can pay 100,000 lira if they want. But there are also places selling doner for 20 lira (£2.70) here.

“Businesses here are already taking a hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They can’t make ends meet.

He added: “Of course, that doesn’t mean that they have to overcharge their customers.”


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