How Meghan Markle is keeping fit in Canada with family walks in the great outdoors


Meghan Markle looks set to enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle as she and Prince Harry put down roots in Canada after she was spotted heading out for a hike with baby Archie yesterday. 

The Duchess of Sussex, 38, looked at her radiant best as she took baby Archie and her dogs for a walk through Horth Hill Regional Park, near the £10million [$14million] mansion where she and Harry, 35, are staying. 

The trails of the a 35-acre hilltop park are popular with hikers, dog walkers and horse riders and are the perfect place for Meghan to stay active while getting out in the fresh air.

The Duchess was previously seen taking in the views from a beauty spot in the park while on a hike with Harry and her former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer on New Year’s Day. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, personal trainer Alex Crockford explained hiking is a great way to boost your mental and physical well-being.

Its stress relieving properties means it is also a popular workout for busy A-listers in Meghan’s hometown of Los Angeles, who are often spotted on the trails of Runyon Canyon.

Alex explained: ‘It’s a great cardio workout – it gets the heart rate up which will increase your overall fitness and help to burn calories. It’s a good lower body workout too (especially if the hike has steep hills) as hiking workouts focus on the glutes, quads and calves – adding strength and to the lower body.’

‘The mental benefits are also really attractive and it is a good stress reliever. Hiking is a great feel-good type of workout. Being in the outdoors, breathing fresh air, getting some alone time away from the rush of a hectic lifestyle can be very freeing.

‘All of these help to creative endorphins for the mind and body. A lot of clients also find hiking outdoors far more rewarding than the gym as it can be fun and freeing.’ 

Steve Ahern, Musclefood’s resident personal trainer, agreed: ‘As well as being good for physical health, hiking is brilliant for the soul. We spend so much time inside – at home, work and sat in our cars – it’s good to get outside and get some fresh air and natural vitamin D.

‘Hiking is a brilliant form of exercise and can be as easy or as physically tough as you want to make it. Walking up hills builds strength in your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and increases your cardio levels. My advice is to start off slow and keep challenging yourself on more difficult hikes.’

Meanwhile Kira Mahal, Personal Trainer and Founder of Reset LDN, said: ‘Hiking is more than just a stroll in the woods. It’s a tough workout that can tone every inch of your body—with special attention to those abs and legs.

‘ It dually improves cardiovascular fitness and builds strength in the quadriceps, hips, lower legs and glutes. As we hike along a natural trail as opposed to a flat landscape, the uneven ground forces our core muscles to engage which improves overall balance, a benefit that can’t be mimicked on a treadmill.’

The Duchess of Sussex wrapped up for the outing yesterday in $98 (£88) Lululemon ‘Align’ leggings, a form-fitting navy zip-up, and a knit beanie.

Meghan topped off her look with the Canadian brand Kamik’s $160 (£120) ‘Sienna’ boots, which she was frequently spotted wearing before she moved across the pond to marry Prince Harry. 

It is thought Meghan will combine low-impact exercise like hiking with other exercise like pilates and yoga, of which she is a known fan. 


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