How to Find LGBTQ-Friendly Holiday Movies and Series on Hallmark, Hulu, and Other Services


How to Watch LGBTQ-Friendly Holiday Movies and Series on Hallmark, Hulu, and Other Platforms

There’s no shortage of LGBTQ-inclusive films and series now streaming or coming out between October and December, after finally getting their chance to shine last holiday season.

There are plenty of ways to make the holidays gay, whether it’s watching Hulu’s Happiest Season or watching new romantic comedies on Hallmark Channel and Netflix.

Both the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime announced their first-ever gay-led holiday rom-coms, The Christmas House and The Christmas Setup, in 2020, joining an increasingly diverse mix of original movies produced each year.

Aside from those channels, streaming platforms like HBO Max, Hulu, and Netflix are also celebrating the holidays with queer content, ranging from a holiday makeover series in the vein of Queer Eye to a reality dating competition in which one of the men hopes to fill his sleigh with love before Christmas Day.

Single All the Way, starring Michael Urie and Jennifer Coolidge, will premiere on Netflix in 2021, and reality competition favorites Blown Away and Great British Baking Show will be hosted by Bobby Berk and Matt Lucas during the holidays.

Jonathan Bennett is back with The Christmas House 2, and Lifetime is premiering Under the Christmas Tree, its first-ever lesbian-themed holiday film.

Although the stars of The Christmas Setup, married actors Ben Lewis and Blake Lee, admitted to being nervous about turning their real-life relationship into a romance onscreen, they were pleased with not only the experience of playing Lifetime’s first gay couple but also the amount of queer representation behind the scenes.

Clea DuVall, who grew up as a gay child and never saw herself represented in holiday films, feels the same way.

“Why don’t I just make one of those movies then?” DuVall said. “This is such a personal story, and I really wanted people to understand what it meant and the significance of it.”

While these films do not necessarily represent the entire LGBTQ community, Lewis and Lee both hope that they will pave the way for more holiday-themed films starring transgender people and people of color.

“Everyone has a right to be heard.”

“Christmas is a holiday for everyone,” Lewis said.

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How to Watch LGBTQ-Friendly Holiday Movies and Series on Hallmark, Hulu, and Other Platforms

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How to Watch LGBTQ-Themed Holiday Movies and Series on Hallmark, Hulu and More

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