Hyundai Teaser for Spider-Man: Only Way Home Teases Mysterio’s Return


Hyundai Teaser for Spider-Man: Only Way Home Hints at Mysterio’s Return

After Hyundai released a new commercial, Spider-Man: No Way Home was renamed Only Way Home.

More intriguingly, if the advertisement is to be believed, Mysterio appears to be on the loose.

In the run-up to the Multiversal crossover event, Quinton Beck has been kind of lurking in the shadows.

Some Spider-Man fans aren’t forgetting that at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, his fate was left up in the air.

Tom Holland beat him to the punch before revealing Peter Parker’s little secret to the rest of the world.

The team behind the whole thing was scattered like dandelion seeds in the wind, but they’re still out there, and Marvel left that door open.

Is it possible that Jake Gyllenhaal will make his film debut next month?

It wouldn’t even be the third craziest thing in the movie.

No Way Home already has high expectations, but this would be a surprise that audiences would completely overlook right in front of their eyes.

The Mysterio actor expressed his excitement about working with Marvel on these films in an interview with Howard Stern.

It’s a massive operation, and he now understands why.

Check out “Only Way Home,” a Hyundai-exclusive directed by Jon Watts, which premieres on November 22.

See what happens next for Peter Parker in (hashtag)SpiderManNoWayHome, which opens in theaters exclusively on December 17th. @SpiderManMovie(hashtag)Spiderman(hashtag)SpidermanNoWayHome(hashtag)IONIQ5pic.twitter.comJ25QeYfhFo

“It’s tough, man,” Gyllenhaal admitted.

“Actoring is difficult in every way.”

That is a massive planet.

And I entered that world midway through the race, on a train that had already begun to move.

I usually arrive early and get to figure things out on my own.

It was as if you had to deliver in that space, and it was a completely different skill set.

They’re moving with ideas, which is so much fun, and it’s also really creative….They have a structure for the movie, but if someone has a good idea, or if you bring a better idea, they’ll shift an entire day around it.

It was wonderful for me.”

Erik Sommers, the writer of Far From Home, talked about how he and the creative team thought about how to approach Mysterio in the MCU in a unique way.

Sommers said of Mysterio, “He’s just an iconic villain, and we talked about a lot of different villains, but we kept coming back to him.”

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Spider-Man: Only Way Home Teaser Released by Hyundai Hints at Mysterio Return

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