I had my bellybutton pierced eight years ago, and I’ve only recently discovered they did it incorrectly… I’m mortified.


I had my bellybutton pierced eight years ago, and I’ve only recently realized they did it incorrectly… I’m embarrassed.

Having your belly button pierced was the coolest thing we could think of when we were teenagers.

However, unlike your ears, your navel can go wrong in a variety of ways.

The piercings, in particular, are extremely difficult to clean and have a tendency to catch on everything.


That said, this woman’s experience has to be the worst of all the belly button piercing horror stories we’ve heard from friends.

Faith Kelly, a TikTok user, went viral last month after admitting that it took her eight years to notice her belly button piercing was done incorrectly.

The 22-year-old from Essex explained how she recently replaced a Swarovski stud with a hoop in a viral video that has received over 180k “likes.”


Faith sensed that something wasn’t quite right after she inserted the new piece of jewelry.

That’s when she realized the piercing wasn’t in her navel, but in her stomach.

“I’ve just realized I have a BELLY piercing when I say I have a belly piercing,” she explained.

“So that’s my stomach.”

That’s the location of my belly button.

I don’t have a pierced belly button.

“I have a piercing in my stomach.”

“What the f**k are you talking about?”

Faith captioned the video, urging others not to make the same mistake she did: “Check your piercings right now.”

“You have to have enough skin to pierce through,” one viewer explained, “so they should’ve checked that first with their fingers.”

“Instead, they pierced your own belly button!”

“SORRY WHAT?!” exclaimed another.

“New fear unlocked,” a third joked.

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