‘I Have to Be Comfortable,’ Dolly Parton said about her biggest life splurge.


Dolly Parton Opened Up About Her Biggest Life Splurge: ‘I Have to Be Comfortable.’

Dolly Parton has the financial means to get most things she wants, thanks to millions of dollars in record sales, a long film career, and a successful theme park.

She revealed that there is one indulgence to which she will never say no.

It is not only an important part of her performing ability, but it also keeps her comfortable.

Parton grew up in a very different environment than she does now.

Her family lived in a two-room house in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with no running water or electricity.

When it came to clothing, Parton’s mother had to make do with what she had and made her daughter a coat out of multi-colored scraps.

In her book Dolly Parton: Songteller, My Life in Lyrics, she wrote, “In order to make me proud of that little coat, I know now, she told me the story about Joseph from the Bible and his coat of many colors.”

“So I figured, if it’s from the Bible, and Joseph was a significant figure, it must be very special and significant.”

Her classmates didn’t see the coat’s beauty and relentlessly bullied her for it.

Despite Parton’s disappointment, her mother managed to persuade her that the coat was unique.

Parton still remembers her coat fondly and even wrote a song about it, but she no longer wears it.

Bright colors, rhinestones, and towering heels are her favorites.

Parton also admitted that her most expensive purchase is the stage costumes she wears.

“Style is unimportant to me.”

“I know it costs a lot of money to have things designed for TV shows, but I’m still going to look cheap in them,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

She explained that, despite the fact that she spends a lot of money on her costumes, they rarely appear to be so.

“It doesn’t matter how much I spend because, like when they try to dress me for the Oscars, I’m not going to wear the hairstyle that they say goes with that dress.”

“Or I won’t wear the shoes that are supposed to go with that dress because I have to style my hair in a specific way,” she explained.

“I have to do my makeup in a specific way.”

I need to feel at ease.

I’ll never be fashionable because of this.”

Despite the fact that she thinks the costumes aren’t particularly attractive…

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