I thought I’d met my dream man at the beach, but I misplaced his phone number… and when I tracked him down, his WIFE got in touch with me.


I thought I’d met my dream man at the beach, but I misplaced his phone number… and when I tracked him down, his WIFE contacted me.

When a woman met a guy on the beach while on vacation, she asked TikTok to do its magic, but she was taken aback when his wife contacted her.

Mica Renee, a woman from the United States, posted a video of herself and the man at the beach, which went viral and received over two million views.

Micarenee, her friend recorded the two having fun in the ocean, and she asked users to help her figure out who he was.

“TikTok I come to you today because I heard what you do for others, I think he said he’s from Detroit,” Mica captioned the video.

She explained that he had given her his phone number, but she had been drinking and had forgotten to save it, and she hoped he was not married.

Mica, unfortunately, found out that he was right.

In a separate video, Mica updated users on the status of the search and confirmed that she had located him.

“I was in Miami looking all good in the ocean and my friend was taking photos of me when he came up to me and introduced himself,” she explained.

“My friend thought he was bold, so she continued to record.”

“He gave me his number after we got out of the ocean, but I was high and thought I saved it, but I didn’t.”

“So, the news is that he is indeed married, and I will not be contacting him.”

Surprisingly, Mica’s wife discovered the video and asked him not to delete it.

Mica provided receipts of his wife messaging her, and when Mica realized he was married, she apologized to his wife and informed her that she would not contact him.

“It’s not your fault,” his wife replied.

Please don’t think I’m going to care because he didn’t.

However, I appreciate you sharing this.

“Everything that is done in the dark will eventually be revealed.”

Mica was also asked to leave the video up on her channel so he couldn’t lie about it.

“All I have to say ladies, don’t believe in fairytales, you may go viral,” Mica said at the end of the video.

Users were taken aback by the turn of events, with one commenting, “Wow.

That’s really disappointing.

I pity you and the wife.”

Many users praised the two women for sticking together, knowing that the man was solely responsible for his actions.

“We women stick together! I love it!” said one woman.

“Kudos to the wife for not blaming you like she usually does.

Another user exclaimed, “He’s the issue!”

There’s yet another…

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