I’m a chef, and people keep asking for more of my stuffing recipe, which only requires three ingredients.


I’m a cook, and my stuffing recipe has people asking for more despite the fact that it only calls for three ingredients.

A COOK has shared the recipe for her semi-homemade stuffing, which she claims is a Thanksgiving hit.

It’s easy to make and only calls for a few simple ingredients.

“Are you the type to make boxed stuffing for Thanksgiving?”

“Well, I am, and I have a super simple way to make it taste like you made it yourself,” the woman began a video posted to the Tasty TikTok account.

She said, “Grab some grated parmesan cheese, butter, and mushrooms.”

“Melt some butter, season with salt and pepper, and sauté your mushrooms,” says the chef.

The cooking expert then demonstrated how to make box stuffing according to the package directions.

She stirred in her mushrooms and topped it with parmesan cheese once that was done.

“I covered it with a lid to melt the parmesan cheese, but you could put it in the oven if you wanted to,” she said.

“Every year, I make this, and everyone loves it.”

Many TikTokers had mixed feelings about the recipe, with some saying it was strange to put parmesan cheese in stuffing.

Others argued that using store-bought stuffing for Thanksgiving was inappropriate.

Others, on the other hand, praised her straightforward recipe.

One person even stated that they do the same thing and add celery to the mix.

If you want to add onions to the woman’s box stuffing hack – or if your current stuffing recipe calls for onions – you should try another TikTok hack.

You can cut onions without tearing up, according to a grandmother who loves to cook.

“There is no tearing.”

There aren’t any nutcases.

There will be no escaping the kitchen.

“It worked for me,” she observed.

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A woman has shared her easy Thanksgiving stuffing recipeShe said people are always complimenting her dishThe whole recipe only takes three ingredients and seasoning to take box stuffing to the next level

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