I’m a plastic surgeon, and these are the strangest things I’ve ever seen – one woman had concrete implants instead of implants in her bum.


I’m a plastic surgeon, and these are the strangest things I’ve ever seen – one woman had concrete implants instead of implants in her bum.

A PLASTIC surgeon has revealed some of the most bizarre things he’s seen in his career, including concrete in a patient’s body after a botched butt lift and removing 45-year-old implants.

Jerry Chidester, 40, has amassed a following of over 40,500 TikTok fans thanks to his eye-opening videos.

In 2008, he began his career as a hand surgeon and later became known for giving’mommy makeovers’ to women in the Mormon community of Salt Lake City, Utah.

A mommy makeover typically includes a breast lift, breast augmentation to replace volume lost during breastfeeding, a tummy tuck, skin or scar removal, and liposuction and labiaplasty.

“I love doing mommy makeovers, or as I like to call it, a’mommy takeover,’ because it sounds more empowering in my mind – women reclaiming or regaining control of their bodies after having children,” the Chicago-born surgeon told Jam Press.

“Many of my clients are young mothers who have had very young children – four, five, or even six children – and their bodies have been completely destroyed.”

“It’s not just about vanity; it’s also about the functional benefit that women get from it, and how happy they are after it, because it restores their bodies to how they were before having children.”

“They can resume their workouts, and even intercourse is beneficial to their health.”

Over the last two years, Dr. Chiddy claims to have helped over 500 women reclaim their bodies, and he currently has a two-year waiting list for anyone seeking his help.

When he’s not assisting mothers, the father of three performs face lifts, rhinoplasties, hand surgeries, eye lifts, and other procedures.

The father of three has seen a lot of interesting things on the operating table and inside the human body during his career.

An operation on an elderly patient who had been left with a set of fake breasts for 45 years was one such experience.

He shows his followers exactly how the implants look in a recent TikTok video that is not for the faint of heart.


“This particular patient was in her 60s or 70s, and she had gotten them when she was quite young,” Dr. Chiddy said.

“Back then, surgeons would just say ‘leave them in, they’ll be fine,’ but now, in the United States, for example, you have to tell all patients that they’re not permanent devices and only last 10 to 15 years.”

“She didn’t have much, fortunately…

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