I’m a psychotherapist, and this is why children biting, hitting, and screaming isn’t always a bad sign.


I’m a psychotherapist, and this is why children biting, hitting, and screaming aren’t always a bad sign.

Even the most well-behaved children can put their parents’ patience to the test when they lash out, especially if their outbursts occur in public.

While dealing with an angry outburst can be difficult, it’s important to remember that lash out isn’t always a bad thing.

Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar, a psychotherapist and the founder of Watoto Play, is passionate about raising awareness about the negative effects of shouting on our relationships, as well as our physical and mental health.

She explains what it means when your child misbehaves and what you can do about it in this video…

Fortunately, while it’s difficult to deal with, lash out doesn’t always mean there’s something serious to be concerned about.

“The first thing I’d say is that it’s not always bad for a child to lash out – whether it’s breaking something, screaming, fleeing, kicking, or biting,” Yasmin says.

“The first thing I remind parents is that your child feels safe expressing themselves [and]letting you know when they are not feeling well.

“It’s vital.

Something is wrong with them, and they require assistance.

“Something is missing.”

Your child’s bad behavior could simply indicate that they haven’t yet learned how to communicate.

“Due to their brain development, they don’t have the ability to process these “big emotions” like feeling unsafe, insecure, – they don’t even know what they are feeling,” Yasmin says.

“As parents, it is our responsibility to assist them in processing these emotions so that they can better understand themselves and, as a result, behave in a manner that is beneficial to their needs and environment.”

“It is a parent’s job to raise their children to be civilized human beings.”

How we handle these situations has a significant impact on how our child acts.

“The second thing I tell parents is to remember to stay calm while establishing kind but firm boundaries,” Yasmin adds.

“I understand how difficult this can be, especially if you’re a parent who is tired, late, hungry, short on time, worried about bills, or simply exhausted.

“Being a parent is difficult.

But keep in mind that losing your rag will exacerbate the problem.

“As the founder of Mangermania – the School for Anger, the first thing I work with parents on is how they react to their children when they are acting out.

“Screaming at them, punishing them, or threatening them isn’t going to help.

“This is, in fact…”

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