In a new video, Drake Maverick addresses the WWE’s recent release.


In a new video, Drake Maverick addresses the WWE’s recent release.

WWE surprised everyone tonight by making even more cuts to the Raw and SmackDown rosters, including John Morrison, Tegan Nox, Hit Row, and Drake Maverick.

Maverick has been in this position before, having been released during a previous round of cuts, but after an emotional video he posted, he was re-instated in NXT, where he has remained ever since.

Following the reports of the cuts, Maverick released a video that began similarly to his previous one, but cut out as he began to speak and went to a different scene, where a tearful Maverick in a chair was approached by a different version of Maverick, who told his other self that his dream was far from over and that he should get up because he couldn’t be fired from professional wrestling.

You can read what he said and watch the video below.

“Take a look at you,” says the narrator.

This is the last time you’ll be able to pull it off.

Take a step forward.

You’re going to be just fine.

You made everything you were given into a moment, right? If they wanted you to be a manager, you made it work.

You made it work if they wanted you to run around at 247.

They tried everything they could to get rid of you.

That, too, you accomplished.

(hashtag)[email protected](hashtag)[email protected](hashtag)thankyoupic.twitter.comjMtv5X50KQ My immediate thoughts…

I’m at a loss for words.

You’ve always been successful, and you’ll continue to be successful in the future.

You accomplished everything you stated you would in life.

You have accomplished your goal!

Take a look at me.

Pay attention to me.

Hello there.

We’ve been here before, but we don’t belong.

What was our dream? It wasn’t to be a WWE superstar, was it? It was to be a professional wrestler, wasn’t it?

You can’t be fired from your wrestling buddy job.

Someone is going to make a booking for you.

You, too, are an idiot.

But I’m pleading with you to get up, because if you don’t, this entire journey, this entire dream, will be lost.

It’s going to come to an end.

And there’s still so much more for us to accomplish on this journey.

It’ll keep going, but we won’t get anywhere if you don’t get up! C’mon, get up! What are you going to do with this dream if you don’t get up?

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Drake Maverick Addresses WWE Release in New Video

Drake Maverick Addresses WWE Release in New Video

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