In his new song “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” Kid Rock surprises no one with his views on cancel culture.


In his new song, ‘Don’t Tell Me How to Live,’ Kid Rock surprises no one with his thoughts on cancel culture.

Kid Rock released a new song called “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” on Friday, which tackles the topic of “cancel culture” with all of Kid Rock’s usual nuance and subtlety.

On the new song, which is the first single from his upcoming triple album, the 50-year-old singer-songwriter raps for over four minutes about his hatred for political correctness.

So far, it does not appear that the anthem has swayed anyone’s opinion.

In his new song, Kid Rock wonders, “So what the f-‘s up with all the backlash?”

“You snowflakes, here’s a newsflash!” says the song, which is full of current buzzwords with politicized undertones like this, all geared toward a general message of irreverence.

“And these minions and their agendas,” he continues in another verse, “Every opinion has a millennial offended But this amendment one, it rings true, and if you don’t dissent, b-, then see number two.”

The song is a collaboration with the band Monster Truck, and it’s the first single from a yet-to-be-named upcoming album.

According to The Detroit Free Press, the project will include three “discs”: one with hip-hop themes, one with country themes, and one with rock themes.

Kid Rock’s first new album since 2017 will feature ten all-new songs on each album.

Kid Rock’s new song has received a wide range of reactions depending on where you look.

The majority of the comments on the YouTube video are from his fans, but his music has attracted some brutally honest amateur critics on social media.

Many joked about Kid Rock’s age, intelligence, and desire for more fame and money.

Oh, look, there’s a new Kid Rock song. is the song.

One Twitter user said, “People who enjoy Kid Rock need to have a little more self respect lol.”

“Is he singing a song about people being offended while listing things he’s offended by?” one person wondered, while another said, “Do you mean to tell me this isn’t an SNL skit and that is actually Kid Rock and not Pete Davidson?”

There’s no word on when Kid Rock’s triple album will be released, but fans are excited, and critics are on high alert.

Most major music streaming services have “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” available.

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Kid Rock Surprises Nobody With His Views on Cancel Culture in New Song ‘Don’t Tell Me How to Live’

Kid Rock Surprises Nobody With His Views on Cancel Culture in New Song ‘Don’t Tell Me How to Live’

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