Ina Garten Reveals Her Thanksgiving Secret


Ina Garten Reveals Her Thanksgiving Entertaining Secret

Ina Garten has some simple Thanksgiving tips to ensure that everyone is well-fed.

When the Barefoot Contessa entertains guests, she is such a thoughtful host that she even sends them home with leftovers!

Garten and Al Roker discussed the Thanksgiving holiday during an interview on the Cooking Up a Storm with Al Roker podcast.

The Barefoot Contessa star shared some simple Thanksgiving meal planning tips as well as advice on how to take care of your guests.

Garten shared her top hosting tip for making guests happy when Roker asked her what to be aware of when serving dinner.

“I believe what everyone likes to eat — especially for Thanksgiving, but for any dinner.”

She explained, “You’ve invited people you care about.”

“Make sure they all have something they enjoy eating.”

That means that anyone on a special diet can be easily accommodated, according to Garten.

“So, every now and then, there’s a vegetarian at the dinner,” she explained.

“As a result, I don’t make a vegetarian dish.”

I make certain that there is enough food for a vegetarian.”

“And so they can skip the turkey and have everything else,” she added.

I just think it’s important to make sure everyone is taken care of without making them feel like, ‘This is the meal for all of us, and this is what you’re going to have.’ And I think that’s true for any dinner, but especially Thanksgiving.”

“I only invite people I care about because I want them to be happy,” Garten continued.

Garten is a gracious host who continues to be so after the meal has ended.

She admitted to Roker that she occasionally prepares extra Thanksgiving food to send home with her guests so that they can have leftovers.

Garten explained why she prepares extra food to pack for her guests when Roker asked, “What do you like to do with Thanksgiving leftovers?”

“Well, I have a thing about Thanksgiving leftovers,” she explained, “and I think the guests want leftovers as well.”

“As a result, I’ve done a second Thanksgiving dinner on occasion, where they get a whole turkey and extra stuffing to take home.”

“Because everybody wants sandwiches the next day, right?” the Barefoot Contessa star added.

Thanksgiving can be a formal occasion, but Garten prefers a buffet over a sit-down meal.

“I’m a big fan of buffets…

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