Influencer shares the six secret steps used by Instagram models to make their posteriors look peachy


An influencer has shared the secrets of how to get the perfect angle for an Instagram ‘booty’ shot.

Danae Mercer, who lives in Dubai, posted the clip on Instagram showing the six-steps to getting the perfect photograph to show off a perky posterior.

Alongside the clip, she said the key parts to the shot were ‘angles, positioning, flexing and camera movement.’ 

She explained: ‘Mix it all together and you’ve got one super defined derrier.’  

In the clip, Danae started by turning around so her back was to the camera.

Secondly she twisted her back so that she could smile at the camera, but keeping her derriere at the front and centre of the shot.

Next, she advised flexing her muscles in her derriere, before testing different angles to get the perfect shot.

For the fifth step, Danae pulled her stomach in and engaged her core, before finally lowering her camera so her perky posterior is centre of the shot.

She then added captions to the video, saying: ‘Just a little reminder today, social media is not real’.  

In the caption of the post, Danae wrote: ‘Want a social media bootie? Or, hey, ever wonder how all that fitspo always have perky patooties? 

She went on to explain that there were four key parts to taking the photograph; ‘angles, positioning, flexing and camera movement’.

She added: ‘It’s also important to remember that very few folks really walk around with badonkadonks like we see online. 

‘Some peachy people train crazy hard and some have epic genetics. Some just know how to work the camera.

‘So just a small note to say that Instagram, social media, it’s not real – even if it’s great for photography tips.’

The video quickly racked up thousands of views, with followers praising Danae for her transparency.

One person commented: ‘Discovered you through another influencer and I have to say, scrolling through your page almost made me cry because I need these types of reminders.’

‘Your transparency is awesome!’ said another. 

A third added: ‘Girl, I am the queen of booty selfies. Ain’t no shame in my game or photoshop necessary! Knowing your body is so important for more reasons than one.’ 

One commented: ‘This is embarrassing to admit, but I was wondering about this just this week! 

‘I’ve been logging the gym time lifting and seeing results in many ways, but I’m still more pancake than peach (maybe peachcake?)’ 

Another commented: ‘BEST AUTHENTIC POST!’

Danae, who also works as a journalist, said often shares side-by-side shots showing off her body with classic Instagram angles next to ‘real life’ ones. 


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