Inside glamorous lives of One Direction stars’ sisters – with beauty lines, luxury house ‘presents’ & Vegas holidays


THEIR brothers are some of the most famous men on the planet.

But a decade after they shot to fame on the X Factor, the One Direction boys’ sisters have carved out some seriously impressive careers of their own, becoming beauty bloggers, make-up artists and social media influencers.

And they’ve got some strong support behind them. Just this week, Zayn Malik splashed out £254,000 to buy his teenage sister Safaa a luxury home for her and her family.

Safaa, new hubby Martin Tiser, 18, and baby daughter Zaneyah will now enjoy a comfortable start to family life in their detached house in Bradford, West Yorks.

It’s just the latest in a long line of kind gestures Zayn has made over the years for his family, and he’s not the only 1D star to give their sister a helping hand.

In fact, the singers have treated their siblings to everything from luxury holidays, to houses and handbags over the years, to congratulate them on their successes and show their unending support.

Indeed, the powerful women have all reached their own victories thanks to solid, hard work – and their brothers have made it very clear how proud of them they are.

Harry was previously pictured supporting his sister Gemma at her graduation, sharing a tribute to how “clever” she is on social media, while adding on Twitter: “I’m so proud of you.”

Meanwhile Louis has supported his sister Lottie throughout her huge rise to success in the beauty industry, often attending launch events with her.

And Zayn has made no secret of his admiration for all the women around him – writing in his autobiography previously: “I think we need more women in positions of power across the world. I think a lot of the world’s problems could be solved if we allowed more contribution from women.”

Having grown up with his mum and sisters, he added: “Women have been the most intelligent, peaceful and positive influences in my life.” 

My Sister graduated today. She’s all clever and that.

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Here, we reveal how Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry’s sisters have become some of the most famous influencers on the internet.

Lottie Tomlinson has carved out a hugely successful career for herself as a social media influencer, make-up artist, model and creator of Tanologist – a self-tanning product.

With an Instagram page packed full of modelling photos and promotional shots, Lottie, 21, has built up an impressive 3.5 million followers over the last decade.

In fact, she previously gave Fabulous an exclusive look inside her wardrobe in 2018, revealing a £1850 designer bag, £925 Louis Vuitton boots and £615 Balenciaga trainers.

When talking about getting into the beauty industry, Lottie credited stylist Lou Teasdale with giving her her big break, saying: “I went to assist Lou when I was 15, had just come out of school, and I was so scared I wouldn’t speak.

“Then she liked me so I managed to get on the (One Direction, On The Road Again) tour, and did the whole tour together.

“She taught me everything and we’ve known each other ever since. She got me started.”

I’ve sorted you all out with a hugeeee Black Friday discount on everything at @tanologisttan 70% offfff 🤑 check it out link in bio

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The teen was soon working backstage at London Fashion Week, with X Factor’s Louisa Johnson and on Selena Gomez’s Revival tour.

She’s since released her own make-up tutorial book Rainbow Roots, and collaborated with Nails Inc and Revolve.

It’s not just Lottie that has built up a huge social media following after Louis’ success, and his younger twin sisters Daisy and Phoebe, now both 16, have an impressive 1.5 million followers between them.

Louis has a very close bond with all of his siblings, and has previously opened up about how he has supported the twins in particular following the tragic death of their mum Johannah Deakin in 2016 after a battle with leukaemia.

bubblegum or hershey, strawberries or cream

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The family then suffered another devastating loss two years later when their 18-year-old sister Felicite passed away in March 2019.

Louis has since revealed he likes being able to support his siblings, both financially and emotionally.

Speaking to the Telegraph Magazine, he said: “Without being too soppy, I like looking after people, it’s cool.

“At the moment I’m stressing trying to convince Daisy and Phoebe to go to sixth form. They’ve been to private school near Donny, and it’s proper expensive.

“I’m paying for it thinking they’re staying on, but now they don’t want to go. I told them education is important. I’m like, ‘You’re 16, you haven’t got a f***ing idea what the real world is’.”

The twins have since taken to modelling and posting promotional content on Instagram, with them regularly tagging big names like Fashion Nova and ASOS in their photos.

lockdown partner…duh 🤪👯‍♀️

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Louis also has younger twin siblings Ernest and Doris Deakin, who were born in 2014, as well as half-sister Georgia Austin, 21.

Zayn also has two other sisters – Waliyha and Doniya – who enjoy glamorous lives of their own.

The singer has previously supported the whole family financially, even giving his mum Trisha a wage so she could leave her job as a school dinner lady, as well as gifting his parents a house.

His sister Waliyha, 21, had an early rise to fame when she starred in 1D’s video Story Of My Life.

She has since built up almost 700,000 Instagram followers and regularly promotes different beauty products online, posing in close-up photos throughout.

She also previously gave a followers a glimpse at her stylish bedroom online, with light pink decorations and a glittery bed frame.

💕💕 enjoying @lovearchies Manchester with the sissy 💕

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How beautiful does my new room look thanks to @williamtaylorbeds for the beautiful bed 😘🥰I love it

A post shared by 𝒥𝓊𝓃𝒶𝒾𝒹 𝓀𝒽𝒶𝓃 ♡ (@waliyha.azad) on Jan 17, 2020 at 1:10pm PST

In 2018, Waliyha landed a modelling job promoting travel cards for a West Yorkshire bus company.

Zayn’s older sister Doniya, 29, has also created a very successful career for herself as a professional make-up artist.

Having built up 640,000 followers on Instagram, she regularly shares selfies like her sister to promote different make-up and face masks.

Some throw backs ❤️ Happy birthday to my beautiful bro hope you have the best day ever love u ❤️❤️❤️ @zayn

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While Doniya rarely speaks publicly about her brother, she previously hinted at his generosity in an interview with Now magazine in 2015, saying: “Zayn’s got really good style, too. He got me a Prada bag, too, but when it comes to girls’ things he lets us do it ourselves.”

Doniya has a successful beauty blog and the family also opened their own beauty business in 2017, called Waliyha Beauty.

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Before & After 💖 Hope you love your new room @doniyabeauty 🥰early birthday present for you love you lots 💕 I think we did well @mammamalik @safaaazadmt @elliexbrown @aleenaahussainx 😂😩❤️

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Doniya’s sister Waliyha previously teamed up with her mum to surprise her with a new-look bedroom, complete with a huge bed with stylish grey covers and a huge teddy bear.

It seems generosity runs in the family.

Harry is very close to his sister Gemma, even taking her along to the Brits with him earlier this year.

Gemma, 28, is a journalist and blogger with her own website dedicated to her work, covering everything from feminism to online bullying and mental health.

She has an impressive 5.6 million followers on Instagram, often sharing snaps of her enjoying swanky lunches (outside of lockdown), as well as the odd modelling shot for fashion labels.

And Harry has been a huge support to Gemma since his own rise to fame, with reports he’s treated her to holidays and shopping sprees in the past.

According to the Daily Star, he invited her along for the band’s tour in 2013, as well as offering her a series of expenses-paid shopping trips across the States, and flying her to Las Vegas.

A source claimed to the newspaper at the time: “He flew her to Las Vegas and has put her in a posh suite at every stop on the tour with AAA pass access and anything she needs.”

She’s since well and truly carved her own successful career, and often now posts inspirational messages to her fans on everything from skincare through to mental health issues.

Like his former bandmate, Liam also treated his parents to a new home following his fame on X Factor – and his sisters Ruth and Nicola moved into the £400,000 property with their parents at the time too.

While his sisters haven’t remained in the limelight as much as his former bandmates’ siblings since, they both have quite the social media followings too.

What a night!!! I’m so proud of @liampayne and what he has achieved being there to celebrate his first solo album release was one of the most special memories I will hold onto forever!! We have waited the longest for this album to come out and for liam to be who he wants to be as an artist and I just love it!! It definitely made the 6 hour round trip worth it to hear him and the fans going wild!!

A post shared by Nicola Payne (@np2788) on Dec 11, 2019 at 12:54am PST

One of the most crazy surreal and fabulous days of my life! The 1D This Is Us movie premier!!! Still so mad to think that my little brother and 4 other lads literally lived their dreams and are all still living them now!! Being on that red carpet with my mom dad sister and brother was literally one of the best days of my life!! @roo0990 you’ll remember us crying as soon as it started as the emotions just completely took over us!! #DreamsCanComeTrue #ThisIsUs #BrotherAndSisterBond

A post shared by Nicola Payne (@np2788) on Aug 20, 2019 at 9:47am PDT

Nicola, who has 92,000 followers, mainly posts about her family online, but now and again shares a promotional post dedicated to small gifts companies and jewellery labels.

She previously got the chance to join Liam at the movie premiere for 1D: This Is Us, and more recently celebrated his album release with him backstage at a gig in December last year – proving she’s still his biggest fan.

#thisisus 🙂

Meanwhile Ruth, who has 80,000 followers herself, also dedicates most of her page to her beautiful family.

Ruth famously got married in 2016 with Liam and his then-partner Cheryl, who is the mother of his son Bear, alongside him.

She has since backed away a fair amount from social media, having previously admitting she found Twitter a “dark place”, but some of her final tweets were pleas for people to be kind to each other – using her platform to spread a positive message.


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