Is Kevin Atwater Leaving ‘Chicago PD’ Season 9? Actor LaRoyce Hawkins is in a New Film


Is Kevin Atwater Leaving ‘Chicago PD’ Season 9? Actor LaRoyce Hawkins is in a New Film

Kevin Atwater’s life is complicated in Chicago PDSeason 9.

In episode 5, he met Celeste, an anti-police love interest.

To add to the confusion, Atwater has yet to inform his new love interest that he is a cop.

In addition, LaRoyce Hawkins is currently shooting a new film.

With all of this in mind, fans are beginning to wonder if Hawkins will be leaving the show.

Hawkins is best known for his role as Officer Kevin Atwater on Chicago PD, but he has also appeared in episodes of Chicago Med and Chicago Fire.

Atwater is a tough cop, and the cases he works on weigh heavily on him.

For the majority of his life, Atwater was the legal guardian of his two younger siblings, but he eventually sent them to live with their aunt.

Hawkins grew up in the Chicago suburbs, where he was born and raised.

According to IMDb, he made his film debut as Art Baker in the major motion picture Express.

Hawkins has since appeared in HBO’s Ballers, South Side, Underemployed, and Detroit 1-8-7, among other shows.

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A new love interest for Atwater is introduced in Season 9 of Chicago PD.

He meets Celeste at a bar in episode 5.

They get along swimmingly and decide to spend the night together.

Later, Atwater discovers that Celeste is an art teacher who has a low opinion of police officers.

Atwater realizes this and keeps his profession a secret from her.

When one of Celeste’s students, Lewis, is involved in a drive-by shooting, things become even more complicated.

Celeste, on the other hand, pretends not to recognize Lewis in the photo the cops show her.

Atwater joins Celeste in meeting a frantic Lewis, all the while recording the encounter for the cops.

All of them are apprehended by the cops, and Atwater learns that Lewis will stand trial as an adult for the murders.

Lewis is shot and killed later, as Atwater is driving the young boy to the county jail.

Later, Atwater visits Celeste, who expresses her sadness and anger over her student’s death, remarking that she had heard two black cops were in the car when Lewis was killed.

Atwater, shockingly, does not…

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