Jackie Goldschneider Was ‘Serious’ About Leaving ‘RHONJ’ Because of Teresa Giudice Feud (Exclusive)


Jackie Goldschneider Was ‘Serious’ About Leaving The ‘RHONJ’ Due To Teresa Giudice Feud (Exclusive)

During Season 11 of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jackie Goldschneider was put through the ringer.

Much of this was due to her feud with Teresa Giudice, her co-star.

Goldschneider revealed to PopCulture.com that, in the midst of the drama, she was on the verge of saying goodbye to the beloved franchise for good.

During Season 11, Giudice revealed to her co-stars that Goldschneider’s husband Evan was having an affair with her.

Later, when Goldschneider confronted Giudice about spreading the rumor without informing her, things between the two Housewives came to a head.

While the reality stars were able to patch things up during the reunion, Goldschneider missed out on the cast’s trip to Lake George and had a tense relationship with Giudice for the majority of the season.

According to PopCulture.com, Goldschneider considered leaving the show because of the drama surrounding her family.

Jackie Mark Goldschneider (@jackiegoldschneider) shared this.

“It was very serious [her consideration of leaving the show]when they went to Lake George,” Goldschneider said, describing how her skincare routine has improved since using Neolastin products.

“I was expecting to be cut when they went to Lake George without me, and I was prepared for that.”

As a result, I was extremely relieved that this was not the case.

I believe I would have regretted it if I had done so.

But I knew there was no way I was going on that trip when Teresa was in that state,” she continued, adding that she was “serious” about possibly leaving the show because she didn’t want it to harm her family.

“I never signed up for something that would cause serious harm to my family,” she added.

“And it wasn’t worth it to me,” Goldschneider said. Thankfully, he’s in a much better place now.

She explained that after her husband forgave Giudice for spreading the rumors about him, she was able to move on.

Goldschneider said she and Evan are doing “better than ever” after all of the drama.

Jackie Mark Goldschneider (@jackiegoldschneider) shared a post.

Season 12 will show how Goldschneider deals with the fallout from the feud, which she teased by saying it will be released sometime in “February.”

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‘RHONJ’: Jackie Goldschneider Was ‘Serious’ About Possibly Leaving Show Amid Teresa Giudice Feud (Exclusive)

‘RHONJ’: Jackie Goldschneider Was ‘Serious’ About Possibly Leaving Show Amid Teresa Giudice Feud (Exclusive)

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