Jacqueline Jossa reveals her new diet is making her moody and her body is ‘aching’ from exercise


JACQUELINE Jossa has revealed she’s feeling moody after starting a new diet and exercise regime

Earlier this week the former EastEnders actress, 27, vowed to start exercising and get fit – but not to get “skinny” but just to feel better in herself.

And it seems the lifestyle overhaul is taking its toll as Jacqueline is “hungry” and “aching” as she adjusts to her new routine.

“I’m in a mood this morning, to be honest I’m just hungry because I’m trying to be healthy,” she told fans on Instagram.

“But I’ve had my shake, I do need a coffee but whatever… I’ve had a shake, a little snack, a healthy snack, some chicken.”

She added: “I was aching really bad this morning when I woke up because it was the first exercise I’d done yesterday for a long long time.

“I think tomorrow, Daniel said I’m going to hurt more but I’m going to try and train either tonight or tomorrow morning.”

Earlier this week Jacqueline revealed that she’s planning to “move more” as it’s “good for the brain” after unveiling her first ever swimwear collection.

Taking to Instagram, the mum-of-two told fans that “moving more” will be “good for the brain”.

She said that losing weight isn’t her goal but that “she wouldn’t mind it”.

She explained: “I’m having those thoughts of I need to start doing a bit for me and I’m going to try and go for walks and maybe do some exercise.

“And no, before everyone pipes up it’s not to necessarily lose weight, I wouldn’t mind it but it is more just to know that you’re doing something.

“Because work-wise I’m feeling really good, I’m busy I’m on the ball and I just want to maintain that and I feel like getting on the ball with it now, it’s got to be done.”

Sharing her goals with fans, she wrote: “Gotta start doing some fitness stuff, purely for the mind, not to get skinnaaaay!!

“Just need to make sure I keep active and for so good for the brain.

“Excited about that… cut to me tomorrow not doing anything about it but hey, this is my 11pm evening thought lol I’ll check in with you tomorrow.

“Gonna get a fit bit or something too!”

Yesterday she revealed she doesn’t care that she’s no longer a size eight – and is content being a size 12.

The I’m A Celeb winner shared a bikini snap on Instagram showing her body from two different angles and said: “I’ve learnt to love both.”

She wrote: “You guys know me by now and I’m as normal as they come.

“I’m a working mum and a size 12 and I can’t walk around looking perfect all the time and I’ve accepted that’s completely fine.

“So this is just a little reminder to all us women that EVERY body is a bikini body and the perfect instagram pics we see isn’t always the reality, sometimes it’s just good lighting and good angles!”

The actress told how she’d declined her own swimwear range with fashion brand In The Style this year as she was worried about body image.

But it inspired her to go back to the drawing board and come up with something she is comfortable in which will be released soon.

Her fans loved her honesty and flooded her with compliments.

Jacqueline followed it up with an Instagram story in which she said she felt relieved to have posted the candid shots.

She explained: “Actually I’m really really glad I done it because it takes the edge off. Now I feel like if I get papped in a bad angle I don’t really care or if unflattering photos of me go out I just don’t care.”

The former EastEnders star used the video to explain how the changes to her body had made her feel.

She continued: “Because I feel like you’ve got to take the narrative of your own story a little bit because the truth is I don’t care that I’m not a model size 8. I did used to be and that was amazing too – I absolutely loved being a size 8.

“But I’m now a size 12, sometimes I’m a size 14 on the bottoms because I have big legs and a bum. But that’s actually okay.

“I’ve never seen it as plus size and I didn’t ask or want it to be a big push and force like that – but loads of plus size models or plus sized people are getting in touch and saying, ‘This is amazing’.

“Actually it is amazing because everybody should feel comfortable in their own skin.

“It makes me really sad that there are people out there that think they can’t post a picture in a bikini because they’ve got a few rolls or because it’s a bigger size than somebody else’s. It does just freak me out. “

Jac’s husband Dan said at the weekend that now wants them to renew their wedding vows.


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