Jade Cargill of the AEW Advances To The Semifinals Of The TBS Women’s Championship Tournament


Jade Cargill of the AEW Advances to the Semifinals of the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament

On tonight’s AEW Rampage, Jade Cargill faced Red Velvet in the next round of the TBS Championship tournament.

Velvet backed Cargill into a corner in the semi-finals match, but Cargill pushed her away and shoved her into the corner.

Velvet escaped and backed Cargill into a corner, where she slickly evaded Cargill’s attack.

Cargill lifted Velvet, but Velvet escaped and hit Cargill in the side of the head with a massive kick.

Velvet attempted a crossbody, but Cargill intercepted her and threw her across the ring.

She followed it up with a stomp to the back and a kick to the stomach.

Cargill continued to stomp on Velvet before lifting her and slamming her to the mat in a slam.

She stomped Velvet again, and Velvet countered with a chop, but Cargill had the upper hand until Velvet escaped and then hit Cargill with a huge kick.

She charged at Cargill, but Cargill punched her in the face, and she was caught in the ropes.

Cargill snatched her from the ringside and slammed her back onto the apron.

Cargill kept attacking and then stomped on Velvet’s neck.

She then tossed Velvet into the corner of the ring and did some pushups.

Velvet landed an elbow to Cargill’s face, followed by another.

When Cargill charged at her, she hit a boot, followed by two big slams and a huge slam that knocked Cargill out.

Velvet then slapped her across the face and pushed her back with double knees to the back of the head and a kick to the face.

Velvet charged, but Cargill leapt over her and smacked her in the face with a pump kick.

Cargill attempted to finish Velvet, but Velvet countered and pinned Cargill’s shoulders to the mat for a near-pin.

Cargill kicked out after Velvet hit him with a spear.

Velvet landed a big kick and then worked her arm a little to go for the Final Slice, but Cargill brought her down face first to the mat, which was all Cargill needed to get the pin and the victory.


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AEW’s Jade Cargill Moves On To TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Semifinals

AEW’s Jade Cargill Moves On To TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Semifinals

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