James Argent performs in Marbella after bouncing back from cocaine addiction and two near-fatal overdoses


JAMES Argent has performed in Marbella after bouncing back from cocaine addiction and two near-fatal overdoses.

The 32-year-old reality star flew out to Spain to resume his work as a singer at close pal Elliott Wright’s restaurant, Olivia’s.

Arg looked happy and relaxed in a brown shirt and black trousers as he performed his favourite tunes for the audience, as well as posing for socially distanced selfies.

Meanwhile owner Elliott adhered to Covid-19 guidelines with spacing between tables and the catering staff wearing masks.

Everyone still had a lot of fun though, especially when Arg confessed to the audience that he had broken his belt before going on stage and said there was a risk his trousers would end up around his ankles.

Thankfully they stayed in place and his first gig since lockdown restrictions eased went off without a hitch.

Earlier this year, Arg bravely revealed he is a cocaine addict — and suffered two near-fatal overdoses at home before finally seeking help from his best friend Mark Wright at Christmas.

Since then, he has turned his life around and lost five stone, telling The Sun: “I’ve actually lost five stone.

“I was 23 and a half stone before rehab and I’d like to get another three stone off. I feel so much better in myself.”

Arg admitted bingeing on booze or food, and thinks the core to his addiction was trying to hide the pain of his break-ups plus anxiety about weight.

Arg, now 18st, added: “One of the main reasons why substance addicts binge, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or food, it’s to escape feelings and get away from it all.

“I was in so much heartbreak and pain that I just couldn’t bear it, so I started taking drugs, and drinking heavily. I literally waited for any excuse to leave a nightclub early so I could go and do it at home.

“I didn’t do it every single night. I’d do it on a Monday night to the early hours then I’d be f***** for the rest of the day, then I’d binge-eat, then I’d sleep it off.

“It was every other night, pretty much four nights a week, and it would cost me a minimum £100 a night but some nights more. So on average, I was spending around £500 a week.”


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